Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1765

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1765 – What Is His Motive “Got it. I’ll be more careful around her,” Roxanne concurred with a smile, knowing that her best friend was merely warning her for her own good.

Only then was Madilyn satisfied. In no time, the two of them chatted about other things, the atmosphere very much relaxed.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had just finished handling Jack’s matter and returned to the Queen family from the police station.

The instant he stepped in the door, he was greeted by the sight of his sister sitting on the couch, watching television distractedly and glancing in the direction of the door every so often.

As soon as Frieda spotted him, her expression changed, and she greeted him enthusiastically.

“I’ve seen the news and learned that Jack has been arrested, Jonathan. So, Roxanne has probably regained consciousness as well, right?”

In response, Jonathan bobbed his head. “Yeah. She regained consciousness last night. We’d been busy with Jack’s matter, so we hadn’t the time to tell you about it.”

It was thanks to his sister engaging Peregrine’s services that Roxanne could wake up from her coma this time.

Thus, it was only right for him to notify her about the matter. He initially thought that Frieda would be chagrined, but unexpectedly, he did not glimpse a hint of disgruntlement on her face.

Just as he was wondering about it, his sister’s meaningful voice drifted into the air. “Old Mr. Lomax must have played a pivotal role in the matter, huh?

Did Lucian not say anything about it?” In other words, she was claiming credit from him.

Jonathan’s brows creased imperceptibly, and he felt a touch irked. True enough, her contribution was crucial in the matter this time.

Hence, it’s only natural for Lucian to thank her. Even so, she should let him take the initiative to offer her a token of appreciation.

How could she ask for it herself? Moreover, her help toward Roxanne is, in a sense, an atonement for the foolish things she did in the past.

How could she have the nerve to ask for a gift? When Frieda received no response, her expression turned resentful.

“You know how difficult it was to convince Old Mr. Lomax to help. I spent tremendous effort to save Roxanne.

No matter what I did in the past, I don’t owe her anything anymore!” At once, Jonathan’s expression darkened. “What are you talking about?”

“Is that not true? Your relationship with her is close, and you’re willing to save her, but not me! Even if she had saved Grandpa previously, the medicinal herbs we gave her were more than enough to repay that debt of gratitude.

I’m not willing to do her such a huge favor for nothing!” Frieda retorted in displeasure. “Shut up!” Jonathan’s face went as black as thunder.

Scrutinizing his sister, he proceeded to demand, “Tell me the truth. How did you get Old Mr. Lomax to help?

Did you really find his contact on the Internet? Or was it the credit of the man behind you?” He did not believe that Peregrine’s contact information could be obtained so easily.

Back then, he did not harp on it because he did not have the time to do so. Since Frieda was presently adamant about a thank-you gift, he felt that it was necessary for him to get to the bottom of things.

He stared at his sister intently. “Was it also him who taught you to say all this? What’s his motive?” Those questions of his hit Frieda like a series of cannonballs.

After all, she had never discussed how to answer such questions with Shawn. In a flash, guilt swamped her. She opened her mouth, but no words of justification came out.

At that, Jonathan’s heart slowly sank to rock bottom. “You turned a deaf ear to everything I said to you, huh?”

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