Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1764

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1764 – On Our Guard It went without saying that Lucian was anxious about Roxanne leaving his side when she had just recovered, coupled with the incident a while ago.

“Go back first. It so happens that I want to spend some more time with Madilyn.”

Roxanne could tell that her best friend had something else to say to her, so she seconded Madilyn. At her words, a frown marred Lucian’s countenance.

Worry was practically written all over his face. Seeing that, Madilyn suggested understandingly, “If you’re worried, Mr. Farwell, you can have someone follow us. Anyway, I certainly won’t take Roxanne out to do anything to betray you.”

No sooner had she proposed that than Lucian agreed without hesitation, “It’s decided, then. I’ll have someone follow you both to provide protection.

Call me when you’re done, and I’ll come and pick the two of you up.” It was clear as day that such had been his plan from the very beginning.

Naturally, Madilyn had no objections to it. In fact, she even threw her best friend a teasing look. “Things are indeed different when one is attached.”

A hint of scarlet stained Roxanne’s face, and she smiled without responding to that, merely saying to Archie, Benny, and Estella, “Your Aunt Madilyn and I will only go back a while later. Be good and listen to your daddy.”

All three children obediently acquiesced. Lucian made a call and waited for some time. It was not until he had ascertained that his subordinates were
all in place that he drove away.

“What’s wrong? Is something else the matter?” Madilyn dragged Roxanne to a quiet bar, and the latter gave voice to that question in puzzlement after they had taken a seat.

Wearing a somewhat strange expression, Madilyn sounded hesitant as she started, “It isn’t a big deal…”

She then took a sip of wine guiltily, her gaze darting all over the place. At that, Roxanne’s curiosity was further piqued. “Why are you beting around the bush, considering our relationship?”

Madilyn again wavered for a long while. Finally, she ventured, “Do you still remember Ms. Lane?” Hearing that, Roxanne was stumped for a few seconds before she recalled the person Madilyn was speaking of.

It was no wonder she could not remember Elektra immediately, for too many things had happened in the past two days.

Furthermore, the woman had only appeared before her once briefly. Verily, she did not have the presence of mind to pay Elektra much attention.

“Yeah. Lucian has explained that they’re good friends. What’s with her?” Sighing, Madilyn urged earnestly, “I think while Mr. Farwell was quite a sc*mbag six years ago, judging from the look of things now, he’s indeed a decent man who’s hard to come by.

Not only did Ms. Lane grow up with him, but the timing of her return this time is also rather suspicious. You’d best be careful, lest she turns out to be the next Aubree.”

After saying that, she clarified, “I don’t mean anything else by that. I’ve seen how much Mr. Farwell cares about you in the past few days, and I believe that he definitely won’t have a change of heart. But then, no one knows Ms. Lane’s thoughts exactly. It’s prudent to be careful!”

She was truly scared after everything that had transpired with Aubree. On the one hand, she was happy that her best friend had found true love. But on the other, she was afraid that the latter would be hurt because Lucian was too popular among the ladies.

Since Roxanne’s return to the country, Madilyn had almost lost her twice. As such, she did not want to experience it a third time.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne frowned slightly. Elektra’s countenance gradually took shape in her mind.

Casting her mind back to the woman for a while, she shook her head lightly. “I don’t think she’s such a person.”

As far as she remembered, Elektra’s gaze was exceedingly sincere. That aside, Lucian’s evaluation of her was also relatively good.

Therefore, she trusted her intuition. “I’m just cautioning you against her. Truthfully speaking, she also told me while you were still unconscious
that she has no designs on Mr. Farwell.

Nevertheless, it does no harm for us to be on our guard against her,” Madilyn asserted.

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