Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1763

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1763 – Continuation Upon hearing her best friend’s words, Roxanne could not help but tease, “Are you sure you want to foot the bill if I’m bringing Lucian along?”

Roxanne knew her friend far too well. There was no way Madilyn was going to pass up on a chance to take advantage of Lucian.

Yet, to her surprise, Madilyn did not hesitate in her answer. “I’ll do that next time. This is a celebratory meal for you. Mr. Farwell will have to get in line if he wants to treat you too.”

A chuckle escaped Roxanne. “All right, I won’t spare your wallet, then.” Madilyn hummed in agreement. “I’ll send you the location of the restaurant later, so just follow the address.”

Without saying anything further, they ended the call. Roxanne turned to Lucian and said, “Madilyn is treating us to dinner tonight, and she asked us to bring the kids along.”

Lucian inclined his head, and they drove back to pick the three children up. The children had not seen Roxanne since Lucian sent them home the night before.

When they finally saw their mother returning safe and sound, they were visibly thrilled. “Mommy, you’re back!”

Roxanne smiled and crouched down to hug the children who darted toward her before listening to the merry words they had for her.

After a while of chatting with them, she said, “Come on, let’s get changed. Your Aunt Madilyn is treating us tonight, so we’re heading out for dinner.”

The children were even more excited to hear that their godmother was buying dinner. “Hooray to Aunt Madilyn!”

The family of five had reunited, with Roxanne now fully recovered. Additionally, they were looking forward to having dinner with their godmother.

For the children, the people they were closest to was by their sides again. There was nothing better in the world than that.

The joyous moods of the children were infectious, and Roxanne’s smile continued to stay on her face.

Madilyn soon sent her the location of the restaurant. Roxanne and Lucian brought the three children there, after which they were led to a private room.

Right as they sat down, the server brought the dishes to the table. A glance across the spread revealed that those dishes were Roxanne’s and the children’s favorites.

“Thank you,” Roxanne blurted out. “I’m sorry to have worried you.” Madilyn’s smile faded slightly, giving way to a gentler expression. “

You did scare me. I’m so glad that everything turned out fine. That’s all I want.” She then glanced at Lucian before continuing to Roxanne, “No one had it as bad as Mr. Farwell.

At the very least, I got a few hours of sleep, but he didn’t get any at all.” Roxanne followed her gaze to meet Lucian’s eyes, and the couple lost themselves in each other.

Everyone at the table was delighted with Roxanne’s recovery, and the dinner was filled with merriment.

Once in a while, Madilyn would criticize Jack’s self-inflicted situation and praise Lucian. She even nearly told Roxanne to hold onto Lucian because he was a good man.

The three children were nodding along with Madilyn the whole time. Pleased by their compliments, Lucian footed the bill before Madilyn could say anything.

It left Madilyn grumpy about failing to treat Roxanne, and when she saw Roxanne about to leave with Lucian, she pulled her to the side.

“I haven’t got to treat Roxanne yet! Mr. Farwell, please bring the kids home first. We’re going to go for round two!”

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