Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1758

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1758 – Rejected Gift In one day, the Damaris family went from being a prestigious family in medicine to being despised by the general populace.

The matter had come to an end. Once they got off the ferry, Lucian slowly started the car and turned to look at the person beside him.

“Where would you like to go?” After lying in the hospital for many days, the young woman probably wanted to wander around and clear her mind.

Roxanne pondered for a moment before muttering, “I want to visit Old Mr. Lomax.” Upon hearing this, Lucian furrowed his brows. “

Old Mr. Lomax is staying at a hotel near the hospital and won’t be leaving anytime soon. We can go another day.”

Roxanne shook her head and responded, “I was able to wake up thanks to Old Mr. Lomax’s help. Besides, there’s nowhere else I want to go right now.

Let’s go see him first.” After seeing her determination, the man agreed and started the car. They proceeded to make their way to the hotel.

During the ride, Roxanne leaned against the window with a hint of sorrow and exhaustion on her face. First, she had been poisoned.

Then, she witnessed how vicious Jack was. After the past few days, she felt mentally and physically exhausted.

Lucian’s heart ached when he noticed her state. He slowed down the car and remained silent, letting her rest.

Even after arriving at the hotel, Roxanne’s mood hadn’t improved much. However, she tried to lighten her expression as she went to the top floor with Lucian.

Knowing that Peregrine preferred peace and quiet, Lucian had booked a secluded room for him. When they arrived, the old man was looking out the window, admiring the scenery.

For years, Peregrine had stayed in a secluded town, so it had been a while since he saw the outside world. At the same time, his eyes held a hint of contemplation.

Upon hearing the doorbell, the old man turned around and went to open the door. When Peregrine saw the visitors, a strange look crossed his eyes.

“Why are you here? Did you recover so quickly that you can walk about already?” As he spoke, he looked Roxanne up and down.

Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled. “Thank you for your concern, Old Mr. Lomax. I’m fine now. It was all because of you that I was able to wake up safely. I want to thank you for your help.”

The old man nodded and stepped aside to let them in. “Come in and have a seat.” The three of them then sat down on the sofa.

As Peregrine got up to offer his visitors water, Roxanne stopped him, so he returned to his seat.

Lucian took a card from his pocket and placed it in front of Peregrine. “Thanks to your help, Roxanne was able to wake up.

I don’t know how to express my gratitude, so this is my gift. It contains fifty million. Please don’t mind our humble gift.”

This was the gift Jonathan had promised Peregrine when he recommended the latter to Lucian. However, Lucian had prepared more than the promised ten million.

In his opinion, even if the old man asked for the entire Farwell Group in return for waking up Roxanne, he would be willing to give it up.

He thought Peregrine would gladly accept the reward, but to his surprise, the old man pushed the card back to him.

At that, Lucian’s brows furrowed slightly in unease. He thought that Peregrine was dissatisfied with his gift.

“I don’t need the money,” Peregrine said gently. Just then, Roxanne returned with the glasses of water and saw the confrontation between the two men.

Surprised and perplexed to see the credit card on the table, she wondered what had transpired during her absence.

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