Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1757

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1757 – I Will Make You Pay “Because of old-fashioned doctors like you, the medical field has become like this!”

All of a sudden, Jack pulled out a knife from behind his back and charged at Roxanne with a loud cry. “If it weren’t for your foolishness, I wouldn’t have ended up in all this mess!”

Roxanne’s heart raced when she caught sight of the blade in Jack’s hand. With a swift movement, the crew member who was standing at the side pinned Jack onto the floor from behind.

Clank! The dagger in Jack’s hand fell to the ground as he struggled and fought to free himself. “Let go of me! I paid you! How dare you help them after accepting my money? What a bunch of scumbags!

I’ll poison each and every one of you!” To his surprise, the crew member merely continued to pin him down in silence before turning to look at
Lucian, awaiting his command.

Lucian peered at Jack with an emotionless expression before speaking. “Since you regard Farwell Group as a thorn in your flesh, you should have done your research on all of the assets under Farwell Group before you planned your escape strategy.”

Upon hearing that, Jack fell silent and looked in Lucian’s direction in disbelief. “Among the ten subsidiaries that you wanted so badly at first is a shipping company. Did you not notice thatdetail?”

Lucian looked down at Jack from above. “There’s only money in your eyes. Even if I give you the company, what can you do about it?”

Just then, Jonathan could not help but add salt to the wound. “Friendly reminder that the entire shipping system in Horington is pretty much under the control of Farwell Group.

The ferry that you’re on board right now also belongs to Farwell Group. I’ve never met someone so dumb—dumb enough to create a trap for
himself while planning an escape route.”

This ferry belongs to Farwell Group? Shock and regret washed over Jack the moment he found out the truth.

That would mean that Lucian would have heard about it the moment Jack planned his escape last night. Not only so, but Lucian would have already been waiting for Jack with a trap.

Recalling that the ferry was late and how the captain had announced that there were some problems with the ferry, Jack finally realized that those were all just excuses. Hatred filled Jack’s gaze as the realization dawned on him.

“As for your money, we didn’t take a single penny of it.” Out of the blue, the captain showed up at the doorway. After greeting Lucian respectfully, he turned to look at Jack.

“I’ve already donated every single penny from the money you’ve given us to the victims you cheated. If anything, I’m helping you to collect good karma. You should be thanking me instead!”

Jack’s expression turned malicious at the appearance of the captain. “You b*stard! How dare you still show up? I’ll kill you!”

The captain stood next to Lucian in a respectful manner and ignored Jack’s threats. Meanwhile, Lucian uttered in an icy manner, “You better stop this.

The police are already on their way. Soon, you’ll be getting the punishment you deserve!” Once again, Jack was rendered speechless by Lucian’s words. Loathing was written all over his face as he continued to seethe at the couple.

Gritting his teeth, he ranted, “I’ll never let you people off the hook! If it weren’t for you lot, Damaris Group would have long become a medical empire under my leadership!

You don’t even have the right to speak to me! When I return, I will make you all pay!” Roxanne’s eyes were filled with pain and anguish at the sight of Jack’s crazed behavior.

Who could have imagined the heir of the Damaris family, a man with such a promising future, would be so utterly greedy? “Let’s go.

” Seeing the sorrow in her eyes, Lucian held her hand and gave her a comforting squeeze before leading her out of the room.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and the captain stayed back to wait for the arrival of the police.

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