Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1759

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1759 – Are You Serious Roxanne carefully placed the glasses down and asked softly, “This is…” Aren’t we here to thank Old Mr. Lomax?

What’s with the card on the table? Lucian explained in a deep voice, “This is the gift I prepared for Old Mr. Lomax, but he refused it.

It seems he has something else to say.” After speaking, he raised his hand and took back the card from the table.

Upon hearing this, Roxanne looked at the old man beside her in confusion. Peregrine nodded with satisfaction. “Indeed, I have something to ask of you.

It’s great that you have decided to visit.” The woman naturally did not refuse his request and nodded. “What is it? Just tell me.

You have helped me so much, and if there is anything I can do for you, I will definitely do my best!” “I’m relieved to hear that.”

Peregrine smiled contentedly and looked at Roxanne. “I request to work at your research institute. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to make the arrangements.”

Old. Mr. Lomax wants to work at my research institute? For a moment, Roxanne was skeptical of her hearing. “Are you serious?”

Having lived in seclusion for so many years, she thought he would be eager to head back. Little did she expect him to make such a request!

“After these few days of contact, I think you are very interesting, and perhaps your research institute has work I am interested in.”

Peregrine continued calmly, “I’ve been thinking about this the whole day, and just as I was thinking about it, the two of you showed up.

I suppose this is fate.” Since he received Roxanne’s prescription yesterday, Peregrine had been fascinated with her.

Perhaps in his years of seclusion, the outside world had undergone earth-shattering changes. There might be geniuses like her in places he had never even heard of.

Just the thought of it made Peregrine unable to contain his anticipation! The woman’s appearance had reignited his interest in understanding the outside world.

Roxanne finally came back to her senses and happily nodded. “It would be an honor to have you work at our research institute.”

She never thought that after all these years of following in Peregrine’s footsteps, they would finally have the chance to work with him!

Suddenly, Roxanne frowned in regret. “If I had known you harbored such thoughts, I would have brought it up to you proactively instead of waiting for you to speak up.

I wasn’t thoughtful enough…” Unfazed, Peregrine chuckled and said, “I only had this idea yesterday and just made up my mind.

Since you’re willing, that’s enough. I’m looking forward to working with you.” Roxanne nodded. “I’m also looking forward to learning from you!”

The two of them soon turned the conversation to the research direction of the research institute and talked with great focus.

Meanwhile, Lucian observed the petite woman beside him as she struggled to contain her excitement.

Although he couldn’t understand their conversation, a glint of happiness could be seen in his eyes as he felt happy for her.

Roxanne chatted with Peregrine for a long time, and as noon approached, she reluctantly bid farewell. “We’ll be leaving now.

Just let me know when you’re ready.” The old man smiled and agreed, “All right. Farewell for now.”

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