Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1756

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1756 – Destroyed In Your Hands “It’s your extreme obsessiveness that makes it so wrong!”

No one else was more upset than Roxanne to see Jack in that light. “There are so many paths that you could have taken to glorify the name of the Damaris family.

Yet, you insist on choosing such a crooked path! As healthcare workers, our purpose is to save others.

But you, as the heir of the Damaris family, have used your knowledge of medicine to cause others harm! Despite all that, you still don’t think you should

Both Jack and Roxanne were doctors, not to mention that their first encounter was at a free medical consultation.

All of the admiration that Roxanne had for Jack had turned into disappointment. The better the impression she had of Jack in the past, the more disappointed she was at the moment.

“Jack, I can forget about you poisoning me for your own selfish gain, but how could you bet on Damaris Group?

Did Old Mr. Damaris ever cross your mind? What would he think of the situation now? When you were carrying out your plans, did you not think that you would someday end up in this situation?”

Despite speaking in a composed manner, Roxanne’s interrogation was deafening to Jack’s ears. Nevertheless, Jack had already reached the point of no return. How could he be willing to admit his mistakes then?

Shooting daggers at Roxanne, who was standing in front of him, Jack clenched his teeth and hissed, “What do you know?

You’re just a mediocrity that changed your career halfway down the road! Do you really think of yourself as a genius just because others complimented you once or twice? How dare you judge me from your high horse?

What’s your relationship with the Damaris family? Why should you speak up for the Damaris family?”

Roxanne was taken aback when she heard what Jack said. The shock in her eyes quickly resolved to sorrow. “I really was wrong about you.

I would have never thought that these are your true colors.” How could the heir of the prestigious Damaris family be so driven by greed?

In the past few days, no matter how disappointed she was in Jack, Roxanne clung to the glimmer of hope that he had just transiently lost his rationality.

Yet, from the looks of it, she had been mistaken. Jack had always been an avaricious person beneath his humble and noble persona.

“You call her a mediocrity? Hah! Don’t make me laugh my head off!” Jonathan peered at the couple standing beside him before standing up for Roxanne, outraged.

“Roxanne figured out the antidote to the poison that you’re so proud of in just one short day! If it weren’t for the fact that she had been poisoned, she probably would have cracked it in an even shorter period of time!

Besides, aren’t her skills and talent precisely why you want Roxanne on your side?” Jonathan had hit the nail on the head. Unhappy that he had been called out, Jack bared his teeth as his expression turned ferocious. Slowly, he snuck a hand behind his back.

Unaware of Jack’s subtle movements, Jonathan continued to mock, “Of course, I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility that you’re attracted to and lusting for Roxanne, but with what you can offer? Ha! In your dreams!”

Jonathan was getting more and more worked up with each word he spoke. Before he could continue, Roxanne’s voice interrupted him.

“Jonathan, that’s enough.” Jonathan froze, blinking in bewilderment. A few seconds later, he regained his composure and pouted.

“But I’m telling the truth!” Roxanne tossed Jonathan a grateful smile before turning to look at Jack. Disappointment could be seen in her eyes.

“The Damaris family has a century’s worth of inheritance with so many ancient medicine techniques being passed down from one generation to the next.

All of that has been destroyed in your hands. Today, Damaris Group no longer has any connection to the world of ancient medicine.

Jack, do you really feel no remorse at all?” Damaris Group had so many priceless medicinal herbs that should have been further developed by ancient
medicinal methods.

To Roxanne’s horror, Damaris Group had handed them to small and lowly private workshops, who then tampered with the medicinal herbs.

When she first found out about the news, Roxanne could feel her heart breaking. Jack’s actions were basically wasting priceless natural resources.

“This is all your fault!” With a thunderous roar, Jack suddenly charged at Roxanne.

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