Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1755

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1755 – So Wrong The hand Jack was using to hold his suitcase began to tremble.

Yet as his gaze swept over Roxanne, he forced himself to remain composed. can’t lose! More importantly, I can’t show a hint of cowardice in front of this woman!

“What do you guys want?” Steeling himself, Jack faced the trio head-on. The moment he threw them the question, Lucian’s icy voice echoed in the room.

“At first, I planned to send you to jail after marrying Roxanne. However, I did not expect you to be so impatient that you dared to poison Roxanne.”

Lucian’s gaze darkened with every word that he spoke. “If you had waited until the day Roxanne and I got married, perhaps the only consequence you would face is Damaris Group suffering from bankruptcy.

But now, that’s barely enough of a punishment!” At those words, Jack was once again taken aback.

No wonder it felt like Lucian’s investigation of Damaris Group was way too fast and detailed! That’s because he had already investigated Damaris Group before last night and obtained all the proof in his hand!

ucian had probably already begun to plan all this the moment the poison started to exert its effect on Roxanne!

Just as Jack was planning meticulously, Lucian was doing the same in retaliation! At that thought, Jack could feel his heart sink as a chill ran down his spine.

it was as though his body was being constricted by a giant snake. He was struggling to breathe. No! No! It is not yet the time for me to admit defeat!

He had planned to build a medical empire for so many years. How could he possibly give up now? Gritting his teeth, Jack forced himself to calm down.

The wheels in his head turned rapidly as he tried to look for a way out of the confrontation. Just then, Jonathan’s mocking voice sounded again. “

What a pity. The Damaris family’s century-old business is now destroyed by your hands. You’re such a hypocrite.

Not only are you profit-driven, but your medical skills are terrible as well.” My medical skills are terrible? Jack’s expression darkened in an instant.

Whipping his head in Jonathan’s direction, he shot Jonathan a venomous glare. “What did you just say? Are you questioning my medical skills?

If my medical skills are terrible, how come you guys couldn’t obtain any results after so many days of research?”

Contrarily, Jonathan merely shrugged nonchalantly. “Compared to Roxanne, your medical skills really do pale—no, blanch—in comparison.

From the looks of it, you really lack self-awareness. Not only did you try to cross a line with Lucian in the business world, but you also tried to subdue and overpower Roxanne in the medical field.

Mr. Damaris, I advise you to snap out of your delusion as soon as possible. What’s wrong with just being the heir of the Damaris family?”

“What do you know? If only…” Enraged by the mocking, Jack was blinded by his fury and lost control.

Glaring at Roxanne, he spat, “If only Roxanne had been willing to join forces with me, I would have most definitely built a grand medical empire!

It was her inability to recognize great opportunities that forced me to do what I’ve done! If she would have listened to me and obeyed me from the beginning, I can guarantee that nothing would have happened to her!

In fact, she would be enjoying fame and fortune alongside me!” In other words, it was all Roxanne’s fault that he had landed in all that mess.

Silence ensued after Jack made that declaration. Even Jonathan’s smirking face turned serious. Roxanne’s expression darkened as well.

“And here I thought, Jack, that you would have learned your lesson by now after all that has happened, or at least feel some sense of guilt.

I never would have thought that you still wouldn’t repent—” “Repent? Why should I repent? It’s your thinking that’s too rigid!”

Jack’s face was red with fury. “Can’t doctors strive to earn money as well? How many years of history does the Damaris family have?

The history of Farwell Group pales in comparison! How is it fair that Farwell Group has overpowered Damaris Group?

I just want to turn this ironic and ridiculous situation around! What is so wrong about that?”

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