Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1754

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1754 – Fine And Dandy Jack scrutinized the person in front of him.

The captain lowered his head under Jack’s gaze. Fear and humility were written all over his face as he shuddered at the thought of enraging Jack.

With a cautious approach, the captain tried to explain, “I believe you know, sir, that we usually face various unpredictable issues at sea, but fret not!

My crew is highly experienced. Don’t worry, sir. You won’t have to wait for long.” Only after the captain’s reassurance did Jack’s expression gradually soften. “How long more will it take? Give me an estimation.”

he captain breathed a sigh of relief. “Half an hour at most! It’s almost noon. If you’re hungry, I’ll get the kitchen to prepare lunch for you.

After you’ve finished your meal, we’ll be ready to set sail!” Expectedly, Jack was not in the mood to enjoy a meal. He waved at the captain impatiently.

“No need for that. I’ll take a coffee instead!” Humming in agreement, the captain turned around to execute Jack’s order.

Within minutes, someone showed up and served Jack the coffee he asked for. With each passing second, Jack was getting increasingly restless.

He tried to keep himself occupied by checking the items in his suitcase over and over again in an attempt to relieve his anxiety.

When the coffee was served, Jack took the cup and downed it all in one gulp without even turning to look.

The next second, however, he almost spat out the coffee, repulsed by the bizarre taste of the liquid. “What is this sh*t? You call this coffee?

” Jack began cursing up a storm as he smashed the cup to the ground. “This is the treatment I get from you after paying you so much?

You deadbeats can’t even be punctual!” With that, Jack closed up the suitcase, picked it up, and began to make his way to the door.

“Scram! Getout of my sight! I’m hiring someone else!” “My mistake. Mr. Damaris has a stomach made of refined gold.

How can it tolerate cheap and expired instant coffee powder?” A mocking voice sounded beside him. Jack’s judgment was clouded by his fury.

When he heard that sentence, he snapped his head in the direction of the voice and shot the person who spoke a murderous glare.

Instantly, Jack caught sight of Jonathan standing at the doorway with a hand in his pocket. Mockery and disdain were etched on the latter’s face as he watched Jack as though he was watching a clown performing tricks.

Beside Jonathan were Lucian and Roxanne. Standing side by side, neither of them showed a hint of emotion.

At the sight of the trio, Jack froze and turned to look at the ferry crew beside him in disbelief before turning to look at the three at the doorway once again. It’s really them! What are they doing here?

Jack had planned his escape all by himself. Even his personal assistant was only aware of the fact that he was planning to flee.

So how did they figure out where I am? “Are you planning to hire someone else now, Mr. Damaris?” Jonathan arched an eyebrow at Jack. “

Whatdo you think of me as a candidate? I’m quite skilled in operating a boat! However, my sense of direction needs a bit of polishing.

We might not be able to go to the open seas, but we might end up at the police station. ”Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Jack stumbled a step backward. “H-How did you know?”

How did I know your plans?” Jonathan smirked before gesturing to the person standing beside him with his eyes.

Jack followed Jonathan’s gaze and saw Lucian. Once again, he was shocked beyond words. Lucian? How did he find me?

As his eyes met Lucian’s, the latter finally broke the silence. His tone was bone-chilling. “Surely you didn’t think that everything would be fine and dandy once you’ve escaped overseas after you’ve done something like that to Roxanne, Mr. Damaris?”

Lucian’s gaze was even colder than the night before. At the memory of his encounter with Lucian the night before, Jack could feel the pain radiating from his unhealed wound. Within a split second, his face turned pale.

“Even if you flee to the edge of the skies and the corners of the world, I will never let you off the hook!” Lucian stated expressionlessly.

“Moreover, I don’t plan on giving you the chance to flee.”

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