Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1753

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1753 – Why Are You Still Here Upon witnessing Hector’s outburst, Kevin could only keep mum, fearing that his words would further infuriate the former.

Meanwhile, Jack appeared in haste at an isolated pier on the city outskirts, carrying a small silver suitcase with him and nothing else.

After regaining consciousness from his coma the night before, Jack finally grasped the severity of the situation. Even if the police were to release me, I’m certain that Lucian would still come after me if I didn’t flee immediately.

Hence, he spent the night devising an escape plan and made all the necessary arrangements.

Preceding this event, he had already enacted a contingency strategy by transferring a portion of his assets overseas.

As long as he could escape safely today, he could still live a luxurious life abroad. I might even make a comeback when the opportunities arise!

And I’ll take revenge against those who once stood in my way! Lucian and Roxanne brought down Damaris Group, which I had spent my entire life building.

I’ll not show them any mercy when I return!Jack recalled last night’s incide nt, and his expression turned cold.

He waited for an indeterminate amount of time at the pier, but the ferry had not arrived. That only served tofuel his growing anxiety.

Has Lucian found out my whereabouts? Upon realizing the possibility, Jack started panicking. He reluctantly took out his phone, wanting to urge
them to speed up.

Yet, at the same time, he was also worried that making a phone call could easily expose his location. In the end, he gritted his teeth and gave up the idea.
Jack could not help but cuss, “D’mn it! Where are those people?”

Just when he turned around and was ready to leave, a honk suddenly sounded behind him. A wave of relief washed over Jack when he turned and saw the ferry approaching the pier.

“I’m sorry for the delay, Mr. Damaris. Our ferry encountered some rough weather on the way back.” The captain greeted him with a respectful apology.

Jack glared at him before saying, “When can we leave?” The captain responded, “Right away, sir!”

He then extended his hand, offering to help Jack board the ferry. Jack snorted coldly at his response and stepped onto the ferry.

The captain followed behind, watching Jack’s back and secretly heaving a sigh of relief. Thank God I arrived on time.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to explain to that man… “Get some rest here. I’ll get my men to start operating the ferry,” the captain said while bringing Jack into a lounge.

He then turned around and left. Jack did not give it much thought. Now that he had successfully boarded the ferry, leaving the country was only a matter of time.

Moreover, the captain had promised him to depart right away. Jack casually opened his suitcase and checked all the documents and cash inside it.

Yet, after inspecting all the contents in the suitcase, there was still no sign of the ship departing. Jack’s anxiety began to grow, and he wanted to step out of the lounge to find out what happened. Just as he opened the door, the captain arrived.

“What’s going on? Why are we not leaving yet?” Jack questioned him impatiently. The captain wiped his forehead anxiously and apologized. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Damaris.

Our ferry needs some repair work for a small part due to the rough weather we encountered earlier. Please be patient with us, and we’ll depart as soon as the repairs are done!”

Jack felt a twinge of suspicion at the captain’s words. First, they were late, and now a part of the ferry is damaged—are these all just a coincidence?

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