Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1752

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1752 – FleeingTo Escape Punishment “You!” Upon hearing the assistant’s words, Hector exploded in rage.

His vision darkened momentarily, and he almost fell over due to anger. Kevin hurriedly moved forward to support him.

“Old Mr. Damaris, everything I’ve said is true! Nothing can stop Mr. Damaris from doing what he wants to do! Please take care of yourself.

You’re the only person Damaris Group can count on now!” the assistant said while gently patting Hector’s chest to help him breathe more easily.

Hector panted heavily, and the lack of oxygen was evident as the color drained from his face. Kevin immediately fed him a pill to ease his condition.

fter Hector regained his composure, he looked at the assistant with sadness in his eyes and asked for confirmation, “Is that so?”

The younger man bobbed his head carefully. “This is just ridiculous.” Hector shook his head in disappointment. “

The Damaris family has been doing good deeds and accumulating virtue for generations. How could someone among us be so greedy for money?”

After that, he apologized to the assistant. “It seems I misunderstood you. But why didn’t you tell me earlier that he was doing all those things behind my back?”

Seeing how heartbroken Hector was, Kevin felt sorry for him. “Old Mr. Damaris, please don’t make things difficult for me. I’m just an assistant.

How would I dare to go against Mr. Damaris’ wishes?” Upon hearing that, Hector nodded and sighed. “Where is Jack? Ask him to come to see me and give me an explanation. Otherwise, how can I face our ancestors in the future?”

Kevin looked hesitant. “Mr. Damaris, he…” Hector’s heart sank as he noticed the hesitation. “Where is he?”

“Mr. Damaris should have already left Harington by now. He would have faced imprisonment if he hadn’t left…” the assistant replied anxiously.

Last night, Jack passed out from anger and anxiety but recovered quickly. He then sent his assistant over to tell Hector that only he could save the Damaris family.

As for Jack, he had discharged himself from the hospital overnight and had secretly prepared to flee abroad before the situation worsened.

fter learning that his grandson had left, Hector got agitated again. “He left just like that? He put the entire Damaris Group in hot soup, yet he dares to run away without telling us? I

must have been blind to have chosen him as the heir to Damaris Group!” He could not help but tremble with anger.

If Jack had repented, apologized to the public, and confessed his crimes, there might still have been a chance to restore the reputation of Damaris Group.

Yet, his unfilial grandson had chosen to flee for fear of punishment! He has dug a grave for Damaris Group!

Hector’s heart sank when he thought about the possible fate of the Damaris family in the future. “For generations, researching pharmacology has been the mission of the Damaris family.

We were even willing to sacrifice our lives for pharmacology! Yet, he only cares about money. What’s wrong with people of this generation?

Hasn’t he thought about what would happen to the Damaris family if the truth were exposed?”

The assistant steeled himself and responded, “Old Mr. Damaris, it’s all Farwell Group’s doing…” He was hoping Hector could appeal to Lucian for mercy.

He might be willing to spare us if we plead with him. Before he could complete his sentence, the enraged Hector interjected, “You reap what you sow!

All of these scandals could have been avoided if Jack had followed the management standards set by his predecessors.

If it wasn’t for Farwell Group’s intervention, Jack might have caused even more problems than he already has!”

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