Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1751

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1751 – Did You Talk Him Into It In just half a day, news about Damaris Group spread across Harington and even caught the government’s attention.

The police were mobilized to seal off Damaris Group’s storehouse before investigators stepped into the company to get to the bottom of the scandal, freezing all the company operations.

Meanwhile, Hector was on his bed at a mansion in Harington. Upon learning about the scandal, he clutched his chest, struggling to breathe.

Beside him, Kevin steeled himself and asked, “What should we do now, Old Mr. Damaris?” Last night, Kevin had sent Hector to the hospital immediately after the latter had collapsed.

Fortunately, some medication was enough to help him recover since it was nothing major. After that, the assistant transferred Hector from the primary residence to a mansion in a quiet village since he guessed things would get out of hand.

Although the old man had just gotten better, Kevin had no choice but to inquire about their next course ofaction since Hector was the only person who could salvage the situation now.

“Are you seriously asking me what to do? Why don’t you ask yourself that? Why didn’t you tell me about what he’s been doing?”

Hector fumed at the question. His breathing became more labored as he thought of everything that Jack did in the name of Damaris Group on the sly.

It took us a hundred years to get to where we ore today. We’ve always put our patients first, but look at what he did! He wasted our efforts and shattered our reputation just like that! I can’t believe I chose him to be the heir! This is a shame to the family!

“That fool! Fool! There’s no saving Damaris Group now, even if I kneel and apologize to all the patients!

Has that brat forgotten about what I taught him since he was young? The family doesn’t have a two-faced hypocrite like him!”

Hector chastised and slammed the table in grief. Seeing this, Kevin quickly got the old man some water. “Calm down, Old Mr. Damaris.

You need to take care of your body. It’ll be the end for the Damaris family if anything happens to you.”

Hector slapped the cup out of Kevin’s hand and glared angrily at him. “You have a hand in this too!”

Taken over by his emotions, Hector got up from the couch and staggered toward the assistant with his staff.

“Both of you entered the company at the same time and have been working together for so long. Don’t tell me you don’t have any idea what he was doing all this while?”

Hector’s hands shook uncontrollably around his walking stick as Kevin lowered his head at the interrogation. Incensed, Hector raised his other hand and slapped the assistant. “Did you talk him into doing this? Speak!”

Hector could not believe how a child who grew up under the good influence of the Damaris family could do something so wicked unless someone swayed him.

He refused to believe that that greedy man was a product of the family. Disconcerted by the accusation, the assistant quickly defended himself, “Old Mr. Damaris, you know what Mr. Damaris is like.

He never listens to anyone—let alone someone like me! I indeed knew what he did, but it’s equally true that I tried to dissuade him from doing it.

There’s nothing else I could do because he didn’t want to listen!” Damaris Group wouldn’t have been caught in this quandary if he had listened to me and not crossed the Farwells!

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