Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1750

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1750 – I Hope So News about Damaris Group spread like wildfire the subsequent morning.

When Roxanne woke up, discussions about the company had already dominated the online world after everything that unraveled the night before.

Many scrambled to cut ties with Damaris Group; some even leveled accusations against them.

Insiders went on to reveal that Damaris Group had undergone a drastic change after Jack took over, as he would turn a blind eye to numerous illegal operations.

In fact, many drugs did not even go through proper testing before hitting the market at a price way higher than market standards.

The profit-driven company could not care less about consumer safety, considering Jack even worked with unregistered drug producers, leaving product quality questionable.

On top of that, he was found to have bribed private hospitals to buy the drugs in a deliberate attempt to drive up the prices.

Following these revelations from company employees, patients began to disclose their consultation records online, accusing the company of disregarding human lives.

Patient A wrote: That guy has no conscience. I chose that hospital because of Damaris Group’s reputation, but I lost both my health and wealth because of an unethical doctor in that hospital.

I went in with just a minor illness but came out with a serious disease! Patient B added: Their medical consultations are all just an act.

They would blow up the seriousness of senior patients’ conditions so that we would seek out treatment at their hospitals, where we often end up
paying a high price for drugs.

Another customer shared: They also make false claims about their products, packaging regular supplements as miracle-makers that cure cancers.

We bought the story because of the brand, and our health was jeopardized. Someone even died because of it, but nothing was done because they bought over all the media outlets to silence complaints.

A netizen commented: The company got what it deserved! In a short period, comments flooded in to accuse and rebuke Damaris Group, leaving the reputation of the century-old prominent medical family in tatters.

Their fall from grace left Roxanne disturbed and confused. To her, Jack should have grown up to be an honorable man, iven the noble values that the family had upheld, but he turned out to be a selfish and devious man who would do anything to get what he wanted.

As a doctor, it was apparent that he had not the slightest respect for human lives. Speaking of, this reminds me that he intended to price the new batch of drugs at three hundred.

That price was still reasonable, but from what I gathered online, I don’t think things would have ended up well for our research institution if we had worked with them.

Who knows how much he would have wanted to sell our new products for? Worse still, we might even have lost our reputation because of him.

Just as Roxanne was deep in thought, Lucian entered and saw her expression. “What’s the matter? You seem worried.”

Roxanne snapped back to her senses and explained, “I just read the news about Damaris Group. I can’t believe what Jack did. I wonder how many people were affected because of his evil deeds.”

“This is already everywhere on the news. I suppose no one else will fall prey to their lies now. As for Jack, he will have to face the consequences of his actions,” Lucian replied, his face darkened.

“I hope so.” Roxanne sighed and could not help but feel it was a shame for the medical industry to lose a prestigious family with a long history in that field.

She was certain that their downfall was singlehandedly caused by Jack and that Hector had been blindsided. I wonder if Old Mr. Damaris will be able to take it…

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