Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1739

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1739 – Rare To Find Now that their mother had regained consciousness, the children burst into tears.

“Mommy, you’re finally awake. We were really scared…” Even Archie began to sniffle softly as tears hung from the corner of his eyes.

Feeling sorry for the children, Roxanne comforted them weakly, “I’m sorry to have given all of you a scare, but it was thanks to your calling out that I managed to wake up.”

The children’s cries subsided when they heard that. “Did you hear us just now?” Benny choked out. Roxanne’s lips pursed into a grin. “

When I heard two crybabies about to cry their lungs out, I pushed myself to wake up. I didn’t expect all of you to still end up crying.”

She had been drifting in and out of sleep just a while ago. Even though she was too weak to physically wake up, her mind was already conscious.

It was when she heard Benny’s and Estella’s voices that she forced herself to wake up from her coma.

Little did she expect her children to cry so hard the moment she opened her eyes. It was a sight that filled Roxanne with guilt.

“I’m sorry for making all of you worry. I was careless.” Her lack of caution was what made her fall into Jack’s trap.

Archie, the first to stop crying, shook his head with a frown. “No. It’s the bad guy’s fault, not yours, Mommy! You’re the best doctor in the entire world!”

Benny and Estella, who were still crying, nodded in affirmation. Although Roxanne was used to being complimented by the children, she felt embarrassed because of Peregrine’s presence. “I got lucky this time.”

Just as the children were about to refute her statement, Peregrine interjected, “The children are right. There’s no doubt that you’re an amazing doctor.

In fact, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that you’re the cream of the crop.” Roxanne was surprised. “You’re too kind, Old Mr. Lomax.

I’m just someone who’s still new in the industry. With you and Professor Lambert around, how can I be considered the cream of the crop?”

Peregrine’s eyes brimmed with admiration. “The fact that you can neutralize the poison in such a short time shows that you’re a genius.

Let’s not forget that you were able to write down the prescription in detail despite the poison acting up within you.

Tell me, who else among the specialists we have now is capable of such a feat?” She’s extremely skilled and humble, and she treats everyone kindly.

A young woman like this is indeed rare to find! Peregrine’s compliments made Roxanne feel even more awkward.

“God just happened to show me mercy, allowing me to guess the components of the antidote at the crucial time. Besides, producing the antidote
was just as complicated.

If not for your and Madilyn’s skills, I would have still been in a coma right now.” She used the word “guess” as a show of her humility.

Further impressed by her attitude, Peregrine continued with his lavish praise, “No wonder Harvey has been hiding you all this while.

If everyone else had known about you earlier, I’m sure all the old fogeys would be falling over themselves to recruit you!”

Roxanne replied tactfully, “Professor Lambert’s guidance throughout the years has helped me keep my calm at the crucial moment.”

The smile on Peregrine’s face widened. “You have so much talent indeed.” He then turned to Archie.

“Your children have equally impressed me with one smarter than the other. If he hadn’t helped me look for the medicinal herbs I required, I wouldn’t have made it in time.” Roxanne beamed in pride as she gave her children a look.

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