Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1740

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1740 – A Lesson “By the way, where’s Lucian?” Roxanne had scanned the room for Lucian upon regaining consciousness.

When there was no sign of him, she began to worry. In fact, she wondered if she had really come up with the antidote or if Lucian had gone to see Jack instead.

The possibility that flashed across her mind made her feel unsettled. Everyone exchanged glances at the mention of Lucian.

Roxanne’s heart sank as she asked Madilyn, “What’s wrong? Did he goKnowing Roxanne’s concerns, Madilyn explained before she could finish, “No.

You can rest assured that he didn’t go and see Jack.” Noticing the skepticism in Roxanne’s eyes, Madilyn elaborated, “He did plan to go, but we managed to come up with the antidote on time. He dropped the idea and fed you the antidote instead.”

The answer didn’t address Roxanne’s question. “Then where is he now?” “He left after feeding you and making sure that it was working.

I actually have no idea where he is…” Afraid that Roxanne was unconvinced, Madilyn added, “You can ask the children if you don’t believe me.

They can vouch for the fact I’m telling you the truth.” Roxanne turned to face the children, and Archie said, “I was with Aunt Madilyn and Mr. Peregrine the entire time. The antidote is genuine.”

Although his words brought a sense of relief to Roxanne, she was still concerned about Lucian’s whereabouts.

Where else can he be at a time like this? Just as she was feeling uneasy, she caught a glimpse of Jonathan at the corner.

Jonathan answered awkwardly, “Lucian… might have something to do at the office. Cayden came to see him just now. If you’re really worried, how about I give him a call?”

Roxanne had no choice but to take his word for it. “It’s fine. He’s probably just busy.” Despite her words, she still couldn’t shake the niggling sense of dread.
As the children began to chatter away, Roxanne gathered her thoughts and talked to them, comforting them in the process.

Seeing that Roxanne was distracted by the children, Jonathan used the opportunity to slip away. A few minutes later, a helicopter landed on the hospital rooftop.

When Lucian alighted, Jonathan was already there to receive him. “What’s the current situation?” Compared to the vicious expression he had shown Jack, Lucian’s face now was filled with concern.

Half an hour ago, he was about to drive off after speaking to Jack when he suddenly received Jonathan’s call informing him that Peregrine had successfully developed the antidote and was on his way to the hospital.

Given his faith in Roxanne’s prescription and Peregrine’s medical skills, Lucian hesitated a few seconds before turning off the engine to wait for their arrival.

It wasn’t until he fed Roxanne the antidote and saw her readings come down and her pain alleviated that his mind was put at ease.

He waited for Peregrine to examine her and confirm that the antidote was working before heading to Damaris Group without hesitation.

Instead of going there for the antidote as they had agreed earlier, he had gone to teach Jack a lesson he would never forget.

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