Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1738

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1738 – She Is Finally Awake Meanwhile, inside the ward on the top floor of the hospital, Madilyn was waiting anxiously together with the three children, Peregrine, Linda, and Jonathan.

After giving their all, they successfully created the antidote at the very last moment. Once Roxanne consumed it, all her readings returned to normal.

Unfortunately, she still didn’t regain consciousness. “Aunt Madilyn, is our antidote working?” Archie asked in a worried tone after losing his patience.

Even though she was unsettled by how deep in her coma Roxanne was, Madilyn put up a strong front.

“There’s no reason it won’t. She formulated it herself. Besides, all her readings are showing improvements.” Just as she spoke, she gave Peregrine a look of concern, hoping to seek his affirmation.

When the latter nodded with conviction, Madilyn felt a little more at ease. “But why hasn’t Mommy woken up yet?”

Estella, fresh from crying hard earlier, was still sniffling as she spoke. Her cute round eyes filled with anxiety.

Feeling sorry for Estella, Madilyn leaned in to stroke her head. “Your mommy’s tired and needs to sleep a The children were skeptical of Madilyn’s words having been waiting for a long time.

Madilyn, who was flustered, steeled herself and suggested, “Why don’t you speak to your mommy? Your voices might encourage her to wake up.”

Giving the children something to do was certainly better than letting their imaginations run wild. The children nodded obediently before quickly surrounding the bed.

“Mommy, wake up. Stop sleeping. I miss you…” Estella pleaded as she grabbed Roxanne’s hand, a pitiful look on her face.

Benny lay right beside Roxanne’s ear. Wanting to speak loudly but worried that he would disturb her, he tried his best to keep his voice down. “Mommy, didn’t you say that one shouldn’t lie to kids? You said you would come home tonight. It’s going to be tomorrow soon.”

While the two children took turns urging Roxanne to wake up, Archie simply stared at Roxanne in silence.

I have faith in Mommy. Her antidote will work, and she’ll definitely wake up! All of a sudden, Archie wondered if he had willed Roxanne to wake up when he noticed a slight movement in her eyes. He hurriedly grabbed Madilyn’s hand in excitement.

“Aunt Madilyn, is Mommy waking up?” He anxiously led Madilyn to Roxanne’s side. Upon hearing the words, Peregrine walked over with a stiffened expression on his face.

Linda and Jonathan were also jolted by the news as they quickly checked on Roxanne. As silence descended upon the room, Roxanne gradually opened her eyes under everyone’s watchful gaze.

“Mommy!” the three children exclaimed in unison. Madilyn’s eyes reddened. She felt like laughing and crying at the same time as she stared at her best
friend. Thank God she’s finally awake.

It took Roxanne a few seconds to fully regain her consciousness. Seeing that everyone was by her side brought a weak smile to her face.

“I’m sorry to have made all of you worry.” “All that matters is that you’re awake.” Madilyn smiled back at Roxanne as she frantically wiped away the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. The sight of her friend’s reaction warmed Roxanne’s heart.

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