Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1737

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1737 – Make Damaris Group Pay “This can’t be…” mumbled Jack in disbelief.

It’s impossible! I added medicinal herbs that only ancient medicine uses in my concoction. How could Roxanne have cracked my formula?

I spent so much time creating such an antidote. How did Roxanne do it? “Nothing is impossible.” Lucian’s voice broke his illusion. “

Now that Roxanne is fine, you better be prepared to pay the price for what you have done!” Jack looked on in bewilderment when he heard that.

Pay the price? Isn’t this bad enough? Lucian seemed to have known what he was thinking. He said expressionlessly, “This is only the beginning,
Mr. Damaris. It isn’t enough vengeance for what you have done.” There was a murderous look in his eyes.

“If it’s up to me, you will be dead by now!” Their eyes met, and all Jack could feel was a chill that traveled from his toes all the way to his entire body.

He could not help but cower in fear. One look and he could tell that Lucian meant what he said.

Earlier on, every punch that Lucian had given him had fallen on his vital body parts. If Lucian had used more force, Jack doubted that he could stand
properly right now!

Even though Lucian did not use his full strength, Jack felt as if he was about to drop dead. Lucian’s intention was to kill him.

However, for some reason, he changed his mind while he was on his way to Jack. When Jack came to that realization, he was so frightened that he trembled ceaselessly and was about to lose control of himself.

Then what do you want?” Lucian cast him away like a piece of rag. Jack fell back to the table when he released his grip.

“Mr. Damaris, you can look forward to it. Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to beg me because I have never intended to go easy on you!”

With that, Lucian turned around and left. Looking at his retreating figure, both Jack and Kevin were equally shaken to the core.

They had thought victory was within their grasp and could not wait to humiliate Lucian. In the end, Lucian ended up humiliating them instead.

“Mr. Damaris!” Kevin was so terrified by the whole fiasco that it took him a few seconds before he returned to his senses.

When he saw that Jack was lying on the table, he quickly went forward to help him. Jack was in terrible shape, and his hands kept shaking. “

Impossible. How can that be?” He grabbed hold of Kevin’s collar. “How could she have created the antidote in such a short amount of time?”

Kevin was stunned by him, but he dared not let go. “I-I’m not sure either. Ms. Jarvis must be very highly skilled in medicine.”

Otherwise, Jack would not have tried all means to win her over. “No way! Lucian must be lying!”

Obviously, that information was too much for Jack to handle, as he kept denying it. When Kevin saw him behaving like that, he dared not say anything else. “Let me send you to the hospital.” Lucian’s action earlier had made everything very clear.

Roxanne must have created the antidote for Lucian to behave as such. However, given Jack’s current condition, Kevin did not want to burst his bubble for fear of provoking his boss. He could only remain silent.

What made him frightened the most was what Lucian had said before he left. He wanted to make Damaris Group pay for it.

What exactly does Lucian want? Will it implicate me? Kevin’s heart raced. He could not be bothered by Jack’s condition as he got him into the elevator in a fluster.

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