Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1719

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1719 – How Is She Frieda was annoyed by Jonathan’s lecture. Let’s see what else he’ll say when I become Mrs. Crawford!

“All right, all right. It’s as if I’ve not done enough by bringing the King of Medicine here to help with the treatment. What else do you want from me?”

Frieda started giving Jonathan an attitude when she thought she might become a part of the upper echelons of society.

Sensing her annoyance, Jonathan realized he, too, was giving her an attitude for no reason.

Though it was clear that Frieda had a dislike for Roxanne, Jonathan felt it was important to acknowledge that Frieda had helped them.

I shouldn’t have put her down like that. At that thought, Jonathan toned down his voice. “I shouldn’t have said that. You did Dr. Jarvis and Mr.
Farwell a favor by bringing in Old Mr. Lomax. I’ll tell Grandpa about it.”

Hearing that, Frieda was pleased with his response. “That’s more like it.” Jonathan heaved a helpless sigh. Being around his sister was like walking on eggshells, so he had to be cautious with his words and action.

“Hey, what are you doing out there?” Peregrine walked in and asked Jonathan when he saw him talking over the phone o outside.

After ending his chat with Frieda, Jonathan hung up the phone. He walked over and greeted Peregrine. “I was talking to my sister over the phone.

She called to see if everything was okay.” Peregrine could not help but frown when he thought of Frieda. “Your sister is not on good terms with Roxanne, right?”

Jonathan froze for a moment upon hearing that. Peregrine only saw Frieda and Roxanne once, yet he could tell the two women did not get along.

Embarrassed, Jonathan bobbed his head in response. “Frieda is a little difficult to deal with, but she’s changing for the better.”

Despite his lingering doubts, Peregrine remained silent and decided not to pursue the matter further. Why would Frieda invite me over if Frieda is not on good terms with Roxanne? Even the man named Shawn has never shown up.

Jonathan and Peregrine then entered the lab. Madilyn, who had just finished her lunch, started operating the machines again.

Upon spotting Peregrine in the lab, she stopped working and greeted him, “You’re here, Old. Mr. Lomax.”

Peregrine nodded, gesturing for her to continue her work while he stood beside her and watched.

As time continued to tick away, a molecular formula began to appear on the screen. Some ingredients the system suggested even got Peregrine thinking about what other ingredients they could go with.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone, the experts brought in the results of the blood test. Roxanne looked at the thin paper and went deep in thought.

Peregrine and Roxanne examined the ingredients together, but they could not quite identify one specific medicinal herb.

The elderly man stared at the molecular formula on the screen and murmured, “It seems there’s no need to neutralize the effect of the poisonous herbs that appeared in our analysis with that particular medicinal herb.”

Clearly, someone had altered the molecular formula on the screen. It was unlikely for anyone to use that medicinal herb to dispel the poison.

Yet, Jack used it to concoct the antidote for Roxanne. Meanwhile, over at the Queen residence, Frieda began dressing up after ending the call with Jonathan.

After spending an hour doing her makeup and another thirty minutes trying on clothes, she headed off to the mansion in the suburbs to meet Shawn.

She could have clarified things with him over the phone, but she chose to meet him because she had an ulterior motive.

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