Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1718

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1718 – Wary The couple continued to hug each other lovingly.

The people on the other side of the screen were emotionally moved by that scene. None of them dared to make a peep.

Suddenly, Jonathan’s phone rang. In response, he stepped out of the laboratory and peered at the screen. It was from Frieda.

He knew Frieda disliked Roxanne, and she only helped track Peregrine down because he asked her to.

Why is she calling me right now? Frowning, he hesitated for a few moments before answering the call. “Are you at the hospital right now, Jonathan?”

Frieda inquired the moment the call connected. When Shawn didn’t hear anything about or couldn’t reach Peregrine for a few days after the latter reached
Horington, he asked her to call Jonathan to ask about the situation.

When Jonathan heard her bringing up the hospital, he was rather confused. “What do you want to ask about?”

“How’s Dr. Jarvis’ situation right now? Has she woken up yet?” asked Frieda. “When did you start caring about her?” He knitted his eyebrows. “Don’t tell me you already changed your attitude toward her just because I told you off.”

A look of disdain flashed past her eyes as she grumbled, “Isn’t it normal for me to ask about her since I helped her find the King of Medicine? Even if I don’t care about her, I still need to check on him. He hasn’t contacted me for days.”

She seems only interested in Old Mr. Lomax’s situation. In that case, I don’t think I need to be so suspicious of her. “You don’t need to worry about that. Old Mr. Lomax is doing fine.

Since you’re the one who invited him here, he’s considered our guest. I’ll take good care of him. Everyone respects him a lot.”

Still, she questioned, “What do you mean by that? How’s Dr. Jarvis’ condition? It’s been so many days, yet the King of Medicine still hasn’t treated her yet?” Thinking about Roxanne’s condition, he gloomily replied, “Old Mr. Lomax isn’t omnipotent.

Everyone’s still figuring out how to treat Roxanne.” Dissatisfied by the answer, Frieda interrogated, “What happened? Are you still wary of me even after I have helped out?”

If she couldn’t get an answer, she wouldn’t be able to placate Shawn. Jonathan was stumped for a moment.

Considering Roxanne is currently in her worst-case scenario, I doubt anything can worsen the situation.

Besides, if I tell Frieda about what’s going on, she may be able to meet that man again. Who knows,

perhaps he’ll have new ideas. When his train of thought ended there, he disclosed, “Old Mr. Lomax couldn’t wake Dr. Jarvis up, so Lucian met with Jack to obtain the antidote.

However, the antidote could only keep Dr. Jarvis alive for a little longer. It’ll lose its effectiveness tonight, so Old Mr. Lomax is doing research to
come up with the cure with us right now.”

“What?” exclaimed Frieda. “I can’t believe Jack concocted a devious plan like that! How loathsome!” Sighing, Jonathan agreed, “Who could’ve imagined the heir to the Damaris family is such a vile man?”

Then he thought of something and reminded, “If news about this matter spread, the Damaris family’s reputation wil go down the drain with Jack as precedent. You better realize what you should and shouldn’t do!”

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