Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1720

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1720 – This Is Not An Antidote Time ticked by slowly.

As the sky grew darker, more components of the antidote were known. But alas, there was still no lead on the most crucial medicinal herb.

Roxanne’s condition was worsening. At noon, she could still sit up by herself. However, at that moment, she had to lean against Lucian to sit up.

She had to clench her jaw all the time to prevent herself from groaning due to the severe pain. “We’re running out of time. I’m contacting Jack now!”

The sight of her in pain made Lucian feel extremely anxious. Roxanne grabbed his wrist with great difficulty and said, “Let’s wait a little longer.

I can still hold on for a little while.” We still have hope as long as we’re not at a critical moment.

Holding on to the last hope, Peregrine tapped on the molecular formula on the screen and said, “Let’s do another test. I want to find out what this is!”

Without wasting any time, Madilyn poured the liquid onto the apparatus and did another test. Before the results were out, Peregrine suddenly came to a realization and said in a deep voice, “I got it!

The key is not the medicinal herb. It’s a chemical added during the manufacturing process!” The altered molecular formula was exactly the result of the medicinal herbs mixed with chemicals.

Upon hearing that, Madilyn, too, came to her senses and said to Roxanne excitedly, “Roxanne, did you hear that?

Old Mr. Lomax has figured out the key ingredient. We can start creating the antidote right away!”

reating the antidote was a piece of cake as long as they knew what the key component of the poison was. Roxanne heaved a sigh of relief and forced a smile. “That’s great.”

Madilyn had been busy conducting tests the entire afternoon that she did not realize Roxanne’s current condition.

The moment Madilyn noticed Roxanne’s condition had worsened, the smile on her face gradually disappeared and was replaced with a look of worry.

“But we’re running out of time. We’ve spent so much time figuring out the components of the poison…”

Judging by Roxanne’s condition, she might not be able to hold on until we’ve created the antidote. Roxanne assured calmly, “Don’t worry.

We still have time. You’ll definitely create it in time. Don’t panic.” Madilyn’s eyes were red with tears when she heard Roxanne’s weak voice.

When she saw Peregrine still fumbling around for the formula of the antidote, her panic rose to new heights.

Moments later, Peregrine approached the phone screen and glanced at Roxanne with a grim look. “Thisisn’t quite right.”

Roxanne felt her heart sink a little. “Why would you say that?” Peregrine shook his head slowly. “Based on my medical experience, this formula can slow down the effect of the poison, but it doesn’t get rid of it completely.

It doesn’t work that way no matter how much you consume.” Just then, Roxanne thought of something, and she was shocked by Jack’s viciousness.

With a frown, she asked, “Is it possible that this isn’t an antidote at all? Instead, it only functions to slow down the effects of the poison?”

Jack wants to use this tactic to acquire Farwell Group and the research institute. The thought of that sent a chill down Roxanne’s spine.

She turned to look at Lucian and held his hand At first, she was open to the option of Lucian looking for Jack if they came to a dead end.

However, after realizing what Jack had been planning, she could not let Lucian meet Jack anymore. Jack already knows we’re trying to find the antidote. Who knows what he’ll do to it when Lucian meets him?

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