Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1709

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1709 – Not A Chance Roxanne? Isn’t she with Lucian now? Why is she Colling me back instead of Lucian?

Jack was skeptical and finally answered the call after a while. “Ms. Jarvis, you’re awake?” On the other end, Roxanne’s voice was full of anger.

“I’ve overestimated you, Jack. Being the Damaris family’s heir and a doctor, I can’t believe you used your knowledge to poison me!

Don’t you think you’ve failed the Damaris family’s name?” Hearing her reprimand, Jack’s eyes flashed hostility as the corners of his lips slowly curled up. “You still have the time to criticize me. It seems that you are very energetic!”

“It’s all thanks to you,” Roxanne responded coldly. Narrowing his eyes, Jack sneered, “Since you know I did it, you should be clear that your life is in my hand. Watch your attitude!”

Then, he questioned coldly, “Where’s Lucian? Pass the phone to him!” Roxanne rejected without hesitation, “He has nothing to say to you! This is between us. Jack, don’t you dare threaten him with me again!”

She would never allow herself to be anyone’s weakness. Seeing her aggressive demeanor, Jack was so mad that he burst into laughter. “

Very well. Why do you think you regained consciousness? Hasn’t Lucian told you? He only got the antidote from me after agreeing to three conditions.”

He thought Roxanne wasn’t aware of it, so he said arrogantly, “In order to get the antidote for you, Lucian has agreed to terminate the cooperation with your research institute. Moreover, he got married to another woman!”

Although he wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the marriage certificate yet, he wanted to use it to provoke Roxanne.

At first, he thought Roxanne would be enraged by this. To his surprise, she sounded calm on the other end of the line.“I’m aware of all this.

Just give up. I’m the person in charge of the research institute. Even if we terminate the contract with Farwell Group, we will not work with you.”

As for Lucian’s fake marriage, Roxanne didn’t plan to expose it yet. “You got a death wish?” Jack was livid. “Roxanne, do you think Lucian got the real antidote yesterday?”

Roxanne uttered firmly, “Of course, I know it’s not real, but I’ll develop the antidote with my own strength. y life will only be in my own hands!”
However, Jack felt as if he had heard a joke. He was dumbfounded at first, then broke into laughter.

“You will develop the antidote? Stop dreaming! Is the Damaris family’s secret technique a joke to you? There’s not a chance even if you ask Harvey for help!”

Roxanne’s expression turned solemn when she heard him belittling her professor. “I’m Professor Lambert’s student. If I can develop the antidote to your poison, so can he. I’m not asking him for help because I don’t want to worry him. You’d better be more respectful!”

“Since you are so confident, then give it a try. If you don’t get the second bottle of antidote before tonight, you will die from poisoning. Don’t come crying to beg me,” Jack snorted coldly.

Without waiting for Roxanne to speak, he hung up right away. He didn’t believe that anyone other than him could make a n antidote to his poison.

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