Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1708

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1708 – Not Answering The Phone “I’ll develop the antidote.” Roxanne sounded determined.

“I’m sure he’ll make excessive demands from us every time we ask for an antidote from him if we do as he says this time.

Do you really want to agree to his demands?” She was displeased. “Didn’t you say you trust me? I’m sure I can do it!”

Naturally, Lucian knew Jack would make more excessive demands in the future. However, he had no
choice but to accept it for Roxanne’s sake. When he saw Roxanne’s determination, he gradually gained confidence in her.

The two gazed at each other for what seemed like forever before Lucian compromised, “Okay, I got it. We’ll do as you say.

I’ll annul the statement, and we can continue to work together.” A smile crept onto Roxanne’s face after he gave in.

Lucian finally stood up after they decided on what to do. Roxanne thought he was going onto the bed to rest, so she made space for him.

With a deep gaze, Lucian said, “I’m thankful foryour invitation, darling. But you just recovered, and the bed is too small.

I don’t want you to feel squeezed, so I’ll take the couch.” Before Roxanne could respond, Lucian turned and walked to the couch by the door.

Roxanne belatedly realized what he had called her and started to blush. Watching him lie down on the couch, she also slowly lay down.

Lucian turned off the light, and the ward was plunged into darkness. The two kept their silence, each with their own thoughts.

Early the following day, Jack opened the social media app and looked up news about Farwell Group andthe research institute.

According to his agreement with Lucian, the latter should have already released a statement about the termination of the contract on the internet at that hour.

He waited for an hour, but there was no sign of Farwell Group releasing the statement. Jack couldn’t help but think of the marriage that hadn’t been announced so far, and his expression turned cold. “Lucian Farwell! How dare you?”

How dore you mess with me when Roxanne’s life is in my hands! At the thought of that, Jack gave Kevin an instruction with a darkened expression.

“Give Lucian a call!” He wanted to know what Lucian was thinking. Frightened by his gloomy aura, Kevin quickly took out the phone and called Lucian.

In the meantime, Lucian and Roxanne couldn’t fall asleep all night. They opened their eyes and sat up when the sun had barely risen.

Roxanne continued to think about the composition of the antidote while Lucian finally had time to handle Farwell Group’s affairs.

A loud ringing broke the silence and disrupted their concentration. Lucian came back to his senses and glanced at the caller ID.

His face darkened, and hesitation flashed across his eyes. “Is it from Jack?” Roxanne looked over and saw Lucian’s change in expression.

Immediately, she knew who had called. Lucian scrunched his eyebrows in tacit vindication.Upon seeing that, Roxanne put away her thoughts and said in a low voice, “I’ll call him back. I have something to tell him.”

Hearing that, Lucian hesitated fora moment but eventually declined the call. On the other end, Kevin looked perplexed when Lucian declined the call.

“Mr. Damaris, Mr. Farwell is notpicking up the call.” “That jerk!” Jack was enraged. “How dare he mess with me! I’ll never let him off the hook!”

Kevin lowered his head and kept his breath quiet after seeing his fury. The atmosphere inside the office abruptly turned tense.

All of a sudden, Jack’s phone rang. He glanced at the screen and furrowed his brows when he saw the caller ID.

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