Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1710

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1710 – Shocked Lucian’s expression froze slightly when the phone was hung up. He had a lot to say.

On second thought, he swallowed all his unspoken words. Right now, Nov. exon all he wanted was for Roxanne to concentrate and find a way to develop the antidote. Everything else did not matter.

At worst, he would beg Jack again.Roxanne could sense his worry, so she comforted him softly, “The blood test results should be out soon.

I will think of a way.” The look on Lucian’s face eased up a little after hearing that. “I have faith in you.”

Once again, a blanket of silence fell over the room. Lucian knew Roxanne was occupied with thinking about the antidote again, nov.elxo so he didn’t disturb her.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. Breaking out of her reverie, Roxanne looked at the door in confusion. She thought it was Madilyn.

Lucian stood up and opened the door. He felt much more relaxed when he saw the person at the door.

“Lucian, Old Mr. Lomax might have found some composition of Jack’s poison!” Jonathan announced excitedly and then he thought of something, causing his expression to turn grim.

“How is Roxanne doing? We aren’t late, are we?” He carefully observed Lucian’s expression after he was done talking.

Then, he began murmuring, “I don’t think we’re late, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t look like this.”

As soon as those words fell, Roxanne’s voice sounded from inside before Lucian could reply, “Is that Jonathan? nov.elxo Why aren’t you coming in?”

She heard Jonathan’s voice at the door for a long time and felt strange since he wasn’t coming in. Jonathan sighed in relief when he heard her voice.

Taken aback, he asked, “You’re awake, Roxanne? You two got the antidote?” He looked at Lucian in disbelief.

Lucian remained silent and nodded respectfully at Peregrine, who was right behind Jonathan. Then, he turned around and brought them into the ward.

Jonathan was overjoyed when he saw Roxanne sitting up on the bed. “You’re finally awake, Roxanne. We were so worried for the past few days!

I thought… Forget it. Let’s not talk about that. Everything is fine now that you have regained consciousness. How are you feeling?

Do you feel unwell?” Seeing his excitement, Roxanne couldn’t help but chuckle, “I’m sorry I made you worry. I feel much better now.”

Then, she looked curiously at the person behind Jonathan and asked hesitantly, “I heard you mention Old Mr. Lomax. Is he the person I’m thinking of?

The two finally realized they hadn’t introduced Peregrine to Roxanne. Jonathan took half a step back and stood behind Peregrine as he said, “This is the King of Medicine of Merania, Peregrine Lomax, also known as Old Mr. Lomax.

He came to treat you specially.” Peregrine Lomax? Upon hearing that, Roxanne reeled in shock. “What do you mean by King of Medicine of Merania?

nov.elxo I can’t even find the antidote for the poison that young man made. I’ve failed my title!”

Peregrine stayed up for a few nights to browse through his medical books. He was beyond exhaustion.

Coupled with the frustration of failing to find the antidote, his expression looked grim. Lucian comforted, “Please don’t feel bad, Old Mr. Lomax.

Jack said he learned the method of developing this poison from the ancient medical books of the Damaris family. Understandably, you couldn’t find the

Peregrine frowned slightly and suddenly exclaimed, nov.elxo “No wonder I couldn’t find what I wanted even after going through all the medical books!”

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