Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1703

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1703 – Bringing The Kids Over “You’ve only just recovered, and you have yet to make a full recovery,” Lucian replied with a disapproving frown.

“I know what I’m doing. At least I can get off the bed and walk around now,” Roxanne explained patiently. After arguing for a bit, Lucian gave in and said, “You can’t leave the hospital. If you must see them, I’ll have Cayden bring them over.”

“If you do that, they’ll find out about me being sick,” Roxanne protested with a hesitant look in her eyes. She didn’t want the kids to worry about her at all. “We’ll tell them you caught a cold after getting off the plane, so I had you sent to a hospital for treatment.

They’re still kids, so I don’t think they’d be able to find out the truth,” Lucian suggested after giving it some thought.

Roxanne still felt it wasn’t a good idea, but decided to go along with it anyway. Lucian then stepped aside and gave Cayden a call.

Having dropped off Madilyn and Elektra, Cayden had just arrived at the hospital when he got Lucian’s call.

“I have sent Ms. Lane and Ms. Xander home safely, Mr. Farwell,” Cayden reported immediately after answering the phone.

“Got it. I need you to head over to the manor and bring the kids over,” Lucian replied. Cayden froze. “I thought you wanted to keep this a secret from the kids?”

Wouldn’t they find out what happened if I bring them over to the hospital? I want you to go pick them up tonight. If they ask any questions, just tell them that Roxanne is being treated at a hospital because she had a fever after getting off the plane,” Lucian replied.

As Lucian had already come up with an excuse, Cayden knew better than to say any further. He then waited till it was nighttime before heading over to the manor as instructed.

The three kids came rushing over the moment his car pulled up in the courtyard. The excited smiles on their faces faded the moment they saw Cayden step out of the car. “Oh, it’s you, Mr. Lawson…”

Cayden felt his heart ache when he saw how disappointed they were. “Come on, I’ll bring you kids to see your mommy and daddy.”

Their eyes lit up when they heard that, but the look of joy was soon replaced with concern when they recalled what Roxanne said. “

Mommy told us to wait for her at home.” Archie stared at Cayden as he asked, “Did something happen to our mommy, Mr. Lawson?”

Why else would Mommy not answer our calls and send Mr. Lawson over to pick us up? Benny and Estella, too, grew worried after hearing what Archie said. Cayden felt bad for lying to them, but he knew he had no choice but to do so.

It’s not that serious. Mrs. Farwell had a fever on the way back, s Mr. Farwell brought her to the hospital for an examination. It’s nothing to worry about!”

Seeing as the kids were still doubtful of his words, Cayden added, “If you are still worried, then come with me to the hospital and see for yourselves.

Mrs. Farwell wouldn’t have sent me over to pick you kids up if something serious had happened to her, right?”

The kids then decided to believe him for the time being and got into the car after saying goodbye to Catalina.

The atmosphere in the car was particularly gloomy as all three of the kids were in a subdued mood throughout the drive.

Cayden, too, let out a helpless sigh as he didn’t know how he could comfort them. These kids have no idea that they nearly lost their mother forever…

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