Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1702

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1702 – The Kids Will Get Worried As Lucian was already prepared for the worst, he nodded after hearing what she said.

“All right; I trust you. You’re the best doctor I know, so you should be able to handle Jack’s poison with ease.”

Roxanne wasn’t expecting Lucian to be convinced so easily, so she was caught off guard when she heard him say that.

“However, you must promise me that you will be honest with me if you ever run into any further issues along the way,” Lucian added as he continued peeling the apple.

Having been snapped out of her dazed state, Roxanne nodded obediently in response. “All right.” She then looked Lucian in the eye and said affectionately, “Thanks for believing in me, Honey.”

The ward fell into complete silence for a few seconds. “W-What did you just call me?” Lucian asked with a look of joy and surprise in his eyes.

Roxanne didn’t know what came over her just now, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it again with him staring at her like that.

Her face burned bright red as she looked away to avoid his gaze. Naturally, Lucian wasn’t about to let her off the hook so easily.

He quickly put the apple down and pressed on, “What did you just call me? Say it again!”

The sexual tension in the ward intensified as he continued to tease her. Roxanne was about to hide under the blanket when her phone started ringing on the side.

Realizing that it was the ringtone she had chosen for her kids, Roxanne pushed Lucian back as she said, “Our kids are calling! Hurry up and answer the phone!”

She hadn’t contacted them for a few days, so she figured they must have been worried sick. Although Lucian had already told them that Roxanne was away on a business trip, Archie and Benny were very smart, so it was only natural that they would get worried about her.

Lucian had no choice but to stop teasing her and answer the phone. Even so, he kept his scorching gaze on her as he held the phone up to her ear.

“Mommy!” The kids’ adorable voices could be heard the moment the call got through. “Yes, it’s me. Have you kids been behaving yourselves lately?”

oxanne replied with a smile.Feeling glad that they could finally speak to Roxanne, the kids started telling her what they had been doing lately.

“Yeah, we have! We even helped Ms. Catalina do the dishes!” “I helped too!” “I helped Ms. Catalina with the laundry!”

The look in Roxanne’s eyes grew gentle when she heard their adorable voices. “Really? I’m glad to hear that!”

Their tone grew a little depressed as they asked, “When will you come home, Mommy? We really miss you!”

Unsure of what to say, Roxanne simply stared at Lucian in silence. “Daddy said you would be coming home tonight. Is that true?” Archie pressed on.

Roxanne fell silent for a few seconds before replying with a smile, “Yeah, that’s right. I’m already at the airport, so I’ll be arriving in Harington later tonight. Behave yourselves and wait for me at home, okay? I’ll buy you all some gifts on my way back.”

“Okay, Mommy! We’ll wait till you’re back home before we go to bed!” Roxanne then changed the topic by asking them how they had been doing lately.

The kids then told her everything that had happened throughout the past few days, and they continued chatting happily until it was time for lunch.

After reluctantly ending the call, Roxanne’s expression grew depressed as she stared at the black screen of her phone.

“I want to make a trip back tonight. The kids will get worried if I don’t show up,” she said while looking up at Lucian.

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