Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1704

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1704 – Accompany You The car slowly came to a halt in front of the hospital.

Cayden got out of the car and whirled around to get the kids out, only to see they were already standing outside, staring up at him with eagerness shining in their eyes, waiting for him to take them inside.

Cayden internally sighed at the kids’ eagerness. Suppressing the upset rising within him, he patted the children’s heads comfortingly. “Let’s head inside.”

The kids nodded obediently and followed him into the building. Before entering the elevator, Cayden sent a message to Lucian, informing his boss of their arrival.

The elevator dinged at the top floor. When the doors slid open, they saw Lucian waiting for them outside. “Daddy!”

The children excitedly dashed out of the elevator and clung onto Lucian’s legs. Lucian gently ruffled the kids’ heads before nodding at Cayden.

“Thank you for the trouble. You can take a break tomorrow.” Cayden complied respectfully before shutting the elevator doors. He left, giving the family some time and space.

“Daddy, where’s Mommy?” Archie urged as he nervously tugged on the hem of Lucian’s shirt. Lucian dropped his gaze to him. “She’s in her room.”

He turned around and led them toward Roxanne’s room. The children trailed after him closely.

When they saw their mother lying on the bed, tears started flowing down their cheeks. “Mommy, what happened? Are you okay?

We’re so worried about you!”Their parents didn’t come home for the past few days. Their mother didn’t even pick up her phone.

They had been obedient and didn’t cause any trouble, but the truth was, they were sick with worry.

The brave front they held up finally crumbled when they saw Roxanne’s pallor.Roxanne didn’t expect the kids to be so worried.

Her he art ached at their tears. She tried to push herself up to get down from the bed. However, the kids hurriedly raced to her side when they saw her intention. “Mommy, lie back down.”

Roxanne couldn’t do anything but wipe their tears away. “Don’t cry. I’m fine. I was just too tired and slightly feverish for the past two days. I’ll be fine after two days’ rest.”

She paused a beat before smiling at them. “Look at me. I’m fine!” Despite her assurance, Estella’s tears didn’t stop falling. “But…

Mommy, you don’t look so good…” she sobbed. Just like the last time when you fell unconscious. Just recalling the memory flooded Estella with fear.

Her grip on Roxanne’s sleeve tightened. The rims of Roxanne’s eyes turned red. She felt bad about worrying them. “I truly am fine.

Have you forgotten that I’m the most amazing doctor? I can cure all kinds of sickness, much less a fever.”

She held their tiny hands and pulled them to her forehead. “Feel that? It’s not hot anymore.”

The kids gently rubbed her forehead and nodded while tears continuously rolled down their cheeks. Roxanne consoled with a smile, “Be good and wait for me at home. I’ll rest in the hospital for two more days, then go back and accompany you.”

Benny shook his head. “We want to stay at the hospital with you, Mommy!” Estella nodded her head firmly, agreeing with Benny’s suggestion.

“I want to stay with Mommy too!” Archie didn’t say anything and merely stared at her as he continued crying.

Roxanne patted each child’s head and declined, “You can’t. My fever is gone but not my cold. You’ll contract it if you stay here.

I don’t have the energy to treat you now.” The children pressed their lips into a firm line—an expression of their displeasure.

They stood by the bed and stared at her. Their eyes conveyed their desire to stay.

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