Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1699

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1699 – A Comeback When she did not hear an answer from them, Roxanne was confused and wanted to step out and take a look.

Seeing what she was doing, the others snapped out of their reverie and hurried into the ward. “Is there something you need, Mrs. Farwell?”

Only then did Roxanne sit down and ask, “Is Lucian gone?” The doctors nodded hesitantly; their gazes filled with puzzlement.

Noting their expressions, Roxanne smiled. “I told him to get some fruits for me. It should take him some time to come back.

Anyway, I need to talk to all of you.” The doctors heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. In the next second, Roxanne’s expression became serious.

“You guys should have gotten the results of the examination on the state of my recovery, right?

The antidote worked, but it only slowed the effects of the poison for the time being. In short, it cannot cure me completely.

If it’s allowed to develop, the poison might make a comeback.”In other words, Jack gave her only part of the antidote.

It was his method of poisoning her. The antidote Jack gave needed to be taken several times. However, he had only given Lucian one dose.

Roxanne had already suspected that when the doctors were examining her body. However, she was confident she could solve the problem without letting Lucian worry about it.

That was why she came up with an excuse to make him leave so she could discuss it with the doctors.

The second she finished speaking, the atmosphere in the room became tense. The doctors found it weird when they realized her recovery was extremely slow.

Never did they expect Roxanne to have made an accurate prognosis of her condition in such a short time.

All of a sudden, admiration brimmed in their eyes as they stared at Roxanne. They quickly returned to their senses and jumped into the discussion.

“You’re right. The poison in your body is really unusual. To tell you the truth, we couldn’t identify you were poisoned before Mr. Farwell told us about it.

fter we confirmed you were poisoned, we… we couldn’t figure out what kind of poison it was.” Roxanne frowned. “Did you do a blood test?”

The doctors nodded dejectedly. “We tested everything that could be tested. Still, there are no leads.”A grim look flashed through Roxanne’s

eyes. “All of you are world-renowned experts. I doubt you discovered nothing over the past few days. Please tell me, even if it’s just a guess. I need your help.” The way the doctors looked at her shifted again.

They believed she was well aware that her medical skills were far greater than theirs, yet she was saying she needed their help.

Moreover, she seemed to trust them a lot. For the past few days, the doctors were feeling incredibly disheartened. However, her words gave them confidence again.

After exchanging glances, they put on a more professional air and grew more confident. At that, they began describing all the tests and guesses they had for the past few days.

While Roxanne listened, she nodded thoughtfully. When they finished talking, Roxanne paused her thoughts and flashed them a grateful smile.

“I have some guesses, too, but I need your help to run a blood test. I want to confirm some things.”

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