Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1700

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1700 –

Not Exaggerating At All Everyone was shocked by how fast Roxanne had figured something out.

“Is there a problem?” she asked in confusion when she saw the surprised looks on their faces. Still in shock, none of the experts said anything in response.

Thinking they were worried about Lucian, Roxanne reassured them with a smile, “All you guys have to do is follow my instructions.

I’ll explain things to Lucian if he finds out.” Everyone gasped in shock when they heard that. “D-Does Mr. Farwell not know about this?”

They had assumed the tense atmosphere in the ward was due to Lucian finding out about the matter.

Given the seriousness of the situation, they were surprised to hear that Roxanne didn’t tell Lucian about it.

Roxanne lowered her gaze and replied worriedly, “I think I might be able to save myself. He has been worried sick about me throughout the past few days, so I don’t want to worry him any further.

Please help me keep this a secret from him.” She then flashed the experts a smile as she continued, “I have faith in you guys, so please have some faith
in me as well. I’ll figure something out.”

Moved by her confidence and determination, the experts gave in after a few seconds of hesitation. “Since you trust us so much, we’ll do everything we can to help you out, Mrs. Farwell.”

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief and thanked them profusely, “Thank you all very much.” As most of them were much older than her, she maintained a polite and respectful attitude when speaking to them.

The experts, however, felt she was being far too humble. “No need to thank us, Mrs. Farwell. You are Dr. Lambert’s greatest student, after all.

To be honest, we thought the news article was exaggerating when it said you had great medical skills. It wasn’t until we met you in person that we realized it wasn’t exaggerating at all.”

Roxanne simply flashed them a polite smile in response. “We’re all doctors here, so you guys can just call me ‘Dr. Jarvis.”

“You’re practically a miracle worker, Dr. Jarvis! Despite your young age, your knowledge of medicine is far greater than ours!”

“We all have some things that we excel in. I just happen to be good at traditional medicine,” Roxanne said.

She then glanced at the time and noticed that Lucian would be coming back soon. “Anyway, time is of the essence.

We should hurry up and draw my blood,” she urged them as they would have no time to do it once Lucian returned.

The experts nodded and quickly got down to work. After extracting her blood, one of the experts sent it to the laboratory for testing while the others waited outside.

About five minutes later, the elevator slowly came to a halt at the top floor. Lucian stepped out a few seconds later with a huge bag of assorted fruits.

Lucian narrowed his eyes when he saw the experts waiting outside the ward. “Where’s Dr. Wagley?”

Not only did Lucian possess a terrifyingly good memory, but the experts have also been there for a few days.

As such, he was able to memorize each and every one of their names and faces. The experts did not expect him to notice that one of them was missing, so they were completely caught off guard.

“D-Dr. Wagley went to the bathroom. He should be returning shortly,” said one of the experts nervously after a brief pause.

Lucian frowned suspiciously at them before entering the ward. Roxanne had already regained her composure by then and was scrolling through her phone on the bed.

Madilyn had arrived home and was asking about her condition. Not wanting her to worry, Roxanne simply told her that she was in the process of recovering.

She put her phone away when Lucian made his way toward the bed. While placing the fruits aside, he glanced at her phone and asked, “Who were you texting?”

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