Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1698

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1698 – He Gone Roxanne could tell that he was worried, so she sat up slowly on the bed and said,

“Don’t worry. I’m really fine. The doctors said I’m recovering. Besides, I can feel the antidote you brought worked.” Lucian cast her a gloomy gaze. “

Do you remember what you said?” Roxanne chuckled and assured, “I’ll tell you if anything happens.” Only then did Lucian feel slightly relieved.

Roxanne’s gaze drooped slightly with a hint of worry fleeted across. “What are you thinking about?” Lucian asked softly when he noticed something was amiss with her.

Roxanne quickly dismissed her thoughts, recollected herself, and looked up. “I’m worried about the kids. I can’t help but think how they are doing now.

When he heard that, the suspicion in his gaze dissipated. “Since you’re already awake, we can give them a call at night. They’ll be relieved to hear from you.”

Roxanne bobbed her head. “Hopefully.” With that, she looked down again. Seeing that, Lucian furrowed his brows, and worry filled his gaze again.

“Are you feeling discomfort anywhere?” Roxanne looked up innocently before caressing her belly with a sigh.

“After being unconscious for several days, I’m feeling a little hungry. And speaking about the kids made me think of the desserts they eat.

So, I feel like eating some desserts now.” “I’ll get you some,” said Lucian without hesitation. Roxanne frowned, looking troubled. “

But I just woke up, and I’m not allowed to eat greasy stuff. Desserts are out of the question.” Lucian could sense the emotion in her voice, and his heart softened.

“Bear with it for a while, okay? You can have some fruits.” He then turned around and patted Roxanne’s head affectionately.

Roxanne frowned in silence for a few seconds before giving a hum in response. “I want to have fruits from the stall beside the research institute.

Their fruits are sweet,” she said. She gave Lucian a shy glance. “Am I being too troublesome? You can actually get some from downstairs,

too.” Roxanne would never say no to her request. After all, he almost lost her. “It’s no trouble at all. I’ll get you some now. I’ll get the doctors to wait for you out there. Just tell them if there’s anything you need.”

Roxanne nodded. “Be careful.” Without saying anything, Lucian turned around and left. Upon arriving at the door, he told the doctors to wait inside.

The doctors thought something was happening to Roxanne’s body again. As soon as they entered the ward, they looked through the windows a nd saw her sitting on the hospital bed, safe and sound.

They exchanged confused glances with each other. She just woke up. Where on earth is Mr. Farwell going now?

Just as they were coming up with all kinds of answers, Roxanne’s voice rang out. “Is he gone?” Roxanne looked outside the ward.

The doctors froze for a few seconds before they realized Roxanne was talking to them. At the same time, they surmised she was referring to Lucian.

The doctors were confused all of a sudden. Did they get into an argument? Mr. Farwell was so anxious when Ms. Jarvis fainted.

How is it that they got into a fight right after she woke up? The chemistry between the two was clearly awkward when we entered just now.

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