Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1697

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1697 – Heaviness After their meal, Elektra bid farewell since she had no plans to stay.

“I should go home. My family will start getting suspicious if I don’t.” Nodding, Lucian said, “Please let me know if your parents face any problems.

I’ll handle it.” Elektra nodded with a smile. “Okay.” Right then, Lucian glanced at the time and remembered they had not slept the entire night.

Hence, he called out, “Wait. I’ll get my assistant to send you home.”

He then turned to Madilyn and said, “You should go home and get some sleep, too. You haven’t been resting much since you took care of Roxanne for the past few days. I can handle this now that she’s awake.”

Madilyn did not bother arguing with him. “I’ll leave Roxanne with you, then.” Recalling the atmosphere in the ward earlier, she grew worried and added, “Roxanne has just recovered.

Don’t be mad at her. You two can talk it out when she’s discharged.” Lucian said nothing and gave Cayden a call to pick the two women up.

Very quickly, Cayden arrived and went upstairs to meet them. Soon, Lucian was the only one left in the corridor.

The experts had completed the examination and called out to him, “Mr. Farwell.” Hearing that, Lucian nodded and marched over.

Indeed, the doctors had finished examining her, but all of them were frowning.“ How did it go?” Lucian felt his heart sink, and he glanced at the person on the hospital bed with worry.

Roxanne smiled faintly, but she still looked a little pale. When she met his gaze, she smiled wider as if she was trying to console him.

Lucian’s brows creased, and he went over to hold her hand. The doctors had been mulling over the matter for some time before finally having the guts to call him in.

After hesitating for a few seconds, one of them informed him, “The hardening of Mrs. Farwell’s arteries has visibly reduced, and her bleeding point is also showing signs of recovery.”

However, based on their examination, she was only showing signs of recovery instead of complete recovery.

The doctors did not know how to tell Lucian the rest. Lucian could tell they had not finished their sentence. Thus, he questioned coldly, “When will she be cured completely, then?”

“Um…” The doctors exchanged looks. They could not give him a definite answer for the time being. With a smile, Roxanne piped up, “I’ll be cured soon.

lease leave first, doctors. I just woke up and am still feeling a little tired. I’d like some quiet.” Hearing that, Lucian frowned at her. “You aren’t cured.”

Roxanne gave him a reassuring smile. “Don’t forget, I’m a doctor myself. I’d already diagnosed myself as being poisoned before I passed out.

No one knows my body better than I do.” The experts were flabbergasted to hear that. They could not believe Roxanne had found her diagnosis before passing out.

After all, they had racked their brains yet could not find the cause for her symptoms. They stared at the woman on the hospital bed in amazement, shocked by her incredible medical skills.

Lucian’s gaze dimmed, but he agreed when he saw the determined look on her face. “Please go out first.” He had to admit Roxanne’s medical skills were way better than the doctors. Upon hearing his words, the experts nodded and gave the couple privacy.

With that, only Lucian and Roxanne were left in the room. Lucian lowered his gaze to stare at Roxanne with his heart filled with an inexplicable feeling.

She had already consumed the antidote and was awake, yet he felt a heavy feeling in his heart as if there as a rock on it.

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