Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1696

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1696 – There Will Be One Lucian and Elektra left the ward. Madilyn, too, did not stay back because she was tired from staying awake the whole night.

“Here. Have some food. Now that Roxanne’s awake, we can relax.” When Madilyn stepped out of the ward, she brought along the dishes sent by the director.

Seeing that, Elektra took it from her, saying, “I’ll heat them up.” Noting Lucian was still looking rather gloomy, Madilyn hurriedly followed Elektra.

The two women did not know what Lucian and Roxanne talked about, which made the couple look so gloomy.

Nonetheless, the only thing Madilyn and Elektra could do at that moment was to let him calm down. By the time the two returned, Lucian looked slightly better.

Elektra carefully divided the dishes into three portions and handed one each to Madilyn and Lucian.

When Lucian saw the plate of food, he frowned. Just as he was about to refuse it, Elektra spoke. “Just have some. You look terrible. You should use this time to replenish your energy. After all, Ms. Jarvis still needs you to take care of her.”

With that, she brought the plate closer to him. This time, Lucian finally took it. Even the frown on his forehead lightened. “Thank you.

I didn’t expect you to agree to my request.” When he chose to tell Elektra the truth at the Farwell main residence, he thought a lady from a rich family
like her would hesitate. To his surprise, she agreed to it without hesitation.

Now that he thought about it, there would be a delay in getting the antidote if Elektra hesitated. With the poison acting up right on time, Roxanne would have died if they were a second too late.

The thought of that possibility felt like a knife stabbing through his heart. A grim look fleeted across her eyes as she saw the concerned look on his face. When he turned to look at her, she immediately put on a smile.

You don’t need to thank me. That’s how things should be when we have such a good relationship. If not for Ms. Jarvis, perhaps I might be your wife
now.” Lucian’s gaze dimmed when he hea d that.

“You—” Madilyn, too, was shocked and approached them. She cast Elektra a look of wariness. The last person who said something like that was Aubree.
She looks so innocent and kind. Could she be the same as Aubree?

Seeing the two taking her words so seriously, Elektra chuckled. “It’s a joke. Although I’m a little envious of the way you treat Ms. Jarvis, I believe I’ll find a man who can treat me like that sooner or later.”

The smile on her face looked sincere. Lucian stared at her for a few seconds before relaxing his brows and nodding in agreement. “

I’m sure there’ll be one.” Madilyn nodded as well. “Ms. Lane, you’re a pretty woman. I’m sure there are many people who like you.”

“I’d rather not have so many people like me. It’s too difficult to pick someone who’ll be sincere toward me out of so many people.

” Elektra sounded almost exasperated, which tickled Madilyn’s funny bone. They looked like old friends who had not met for many years.

In the meantime, Lucian turned to look through the windows. The warmth in his eyes was apparent when he saw Roxanne, who was surrounded by the specialists.

With that, the trio ate some food in the corridor. The atmosphere there was drastically different from how itwas in the ward earlier.

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