Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1693

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1693 – Conclusion After saying that, Lucian dropped the topic and started asking about how she was instead.

“How do you feel now?” It was then he realized that he had not summoned the doctor, so he turned to Madilyn and said, “Could you please call the doctor?”

Madilyn bobbed her head, and when she went out of the room, she asked Elektra to go with her.

Lucian had been blocking most of Roxanne’s vision, and Elektra had been subconsciously standing away from Roxanne’s line of sight, fearing that she would make Roxanne upset.

Roxanne did not notice that there was a fourth person in the room. It was only when Madilyn led Elektra out did Roxanne see her.

“She’s…” Roxanne started, turning to Lucian in confusion. She did not think much about it, thinking Elektra was Madilyn’s friend.

After a moment of silence, Lucian said honestly, “She’s my friend.” Roxanne stiffened. “I don’t remember seeing her around.”

Regardless of whether it was six years ago or six years after, the only friends of Lucian she knew of were the two from the Queen family.

She had never heard of the other woman in the room. Lucian explained, “She’s the Lane family’s daughter.

The Lanes are family friends of the Farwells, but before you married into the Farwell family, the Lanes went overseas to develop their business.

They didn’t come back during that time, and we didn’t contact each other either. She just returned to the country two days ago.”

Roxanne nodded in understanding. “Did she come to meet you?” Right then, she noticed the clock on the wall. It was already six in the morning.

No one would come to the hospital for a chat with an old friend at a time like that. Furthermore, it seemed that Elektra had been around for a while.

Hesitation flashed past Lucian’s eyes. Roxanne knew him like the back of her hand, so she instantly figured out that something was up.

Grabbing his sleeve, she asked, “Also, what happened to me? I remember diagnosing myself before I went into a coma, and I was showing signs of

However, she had no idea when she had been poisoned. A look of shock flitted across Lucian’s eyes.

He knew that Roxanne was medically skilled, but he did not know she was as capable as this.

The doctors he had hired could not do anything about her case, but she had managed to figure out the cause of her condition just by taking her own pulse.
“If you realized that, why didn’t you tell me about it?”

Roxanne lowered her gaze guiltily. “I… I didn’t think it’d be this serious, and I didn’t want you to worry about me.

In the end, I still made you worry so much.” Lucian was exasperated, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“You have to tell me right away if you feel unwell in the future.” Roxanne nodded meekly. “Have you found out what kind of poison is in me?

You must have, right? I wouldn’t have woken up otherwise.” If she learned what kind of poison had been in her system, she might be able to figure out when she had been poisoned.

Lucian nodded. “Jack used an essential oil to poison you, but they haven’t come to a conclusion as to whatwas in the poison.” “Jack?”

Roxanne was baffled. “Why would he do that?” The Damaris family is a family of doctors. Why would they let Jack poison me with the medicinal herbs?

Moreover, how could Jack be so vicious? What is he trying to do?

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