Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1694

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1694 – His Fault Roxanne’s surprise was something Lucian had expected.

Nevertheless, he did not plan to hide anything about Jack from her. He wanted her to find out how dangerous Jack was so that she would stay far from him.

“Every time you talked business with him, he had been using an aroma lamp to diffuse the poison he made.

The poison only takes effect after a few times of exposure,” Lucian revealed Jack’s nefarious plan. A thought popped into Roxanne’s mind when she heard that. “No wonder…”

“No wonder what?” Roxanne met his eyes and said, “I clearly rejected him about the collaboration with Damaris Group, but Jack suddenly came to the research institute and asked to have a talk about it in the car. I caught a whiff of something in the car, but I didn’t dwell on it at that time.”

It must have been the last dose of poison from Jack. Upon realizing that, Roxanne found a chill running down her spine when she thought about Jack’s face.

“I thought he was benevolent because he was a doctor, but now I’m starting to doubt my beliefs…” She could not believe a Damaris would be that devious.
“That’s why I said it’s my fault that this happened to you.”

Lucian’s guilt and self-blame were visible in his eyes. Roxanne snapped back to her senses at his words and disagreed with him. “

Why would you say that? This was Jack’s fault!” wry smile was on Lucian’s lips as he ran his fingers through her long hair.

“If I hadn’t taught you how to negotiate with others, you wouldn’t have got into a conflict with him regarding the profits. I’d rather have you settle on a fifty-fifty profit back then.”

With a solemn look, Roxanne raised her hand to grab his. “That’s not how things work. Even if you didn’t teach me those skills, I’d still have insisted on my idea.

In fact, this might have dragged on even longer. He couldn’t find the chance to give me the last dose becauseof the skills you thought me, and t hat was why he ended up coming to the research institute instead.”

omething in her mind told her that Jack might have been poisoning her for an even longer time than Lucian had assumed.

Roxanne could already sense the changes in Jack before this collaboration. Her poisoning was already set in stone. It did not matter what Lucian did.

As a matter of fact, if not for Lucian, she might not have actually remained alive this time.

Right then, another thought entered her mind and brought a furrow to her brows. “Jack’s such a meticulous person with his plan.

Would he have given you the antidote so easily? Did you agree to something?” Lucian did not intend to hide anything from her, so he told her Jack’s terms. It was then Roxanne learned about Jack’s greed. He had demanded ten subsidiaries from Lucian and Lucian to marry another woman.

Roxanne was livid. “He’s too much!” I’m the one who’s been poisoned, but Jack is targeting Farwell Group. He’s even trying to separate us!

“Are you really going to give him ten subsidiaries? What about Farwell Group? Will the other shareholders agree with this?

Will they find fault with you for that?” Roxanne was worried. In contrast, Lucian laughed, unbothered. “It’s only ten subsidiaries.

My management is why those ten subsidiaries are making a profit. As long as I want, I can make any subsidiary make a profit. I doubt they’ll make as much if I hand them over to Jack.”

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