Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1692

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1692 – To Have Worried You Both After over an hour, when the sun was up in the sky, Roxanne finally opened her eyes. Roxanne!”

The very second her eyes opened, Lucian noticed the change. He grabbed her hand and stared at her with bloodshot eyes.

When Madilyn saw her good friend waking up, tears rolled down her cheeks. She reached out to grab Roxanne’s other hand as laughter escaped her lips.

“Roxanne, you’re finally awake! You have no idea how frightened we’d been. I thought… I thought you…”

Madilyn trailed off, unable to finish her sentence. Roxanne had just woken up from her coma, so the gears in her head were slow to turn.

After a while of recollecting herself, she recalled what had happened before she fell unconscious. “Was I unconscious for that long?

” she asked in disbelief as she shifted her gaze from Madilyn to Lucian. When she saw how haggard he looked and noticed the red veins in his eyes, a wave of guilt crashed into her. “I’m sorry to have worried you both…”

Then she tried to sit upright on the bed. However, she had been in a coma for three days, so she did not have the strength to do that.

“Just lie down on the bed. How do you feel? Do you feel unwell anywhere?” Madilyn knew what Roxanne was trying to do, and she quickly pressed her friend back down on the bed.

Roxanne had no choice but to do as Madilyn said. She then asked worriedly, “Where are the kids? I was unconscious for so long.

They must be freaking out.” She remembered how the children had tears streaming down their faces the last time she fell unconscious.

Every time she thought about that, her heart would ache. I wonder how they reacted to this…

Lucian caressed her cheek in a soothing manner as he said to her, “They don’t know about this yet. I told them you went on a business trip and will only be back tomorrow night.”

Roxanne relaxed a little at that, but her attention was back to his exhausted look. Slowly, she reached out to touch his face. Lucian let go of her.

“Have you not rested these days?” Roxanne asked, her brows furrowed as guilt appeared in her eyes. It was her first time seeing Lucian looking so tired.

Although Lucian had also been worried the last time she was unconscious, it had not been long before she woke up.

However, she learned that, this time, she had been out for three days. She was sure that Lucian had not rested during these days.

His bloodshot eyes and eye bags were a clear sign of that. “I’m just glad that you’re awake. Nothing else matters. It’s just a few days of sleep.”

Lucian chuckled, unbothered. He reached out to grab Roxanne’s hand and squeezed it. “I’m glad that you woke up in the end.”

During the few hours of waiting, he had come up with a plan to deal with the Damaris family. Luckily, Roxanne had woken up.

Another wave of guilt washed over Roxanne. “I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have been stubborn.”

If she had known that things would turn out this way, she would have gone to the hospital in the afternoon when she felt unwell.

She might not have made them worry so much if she had done that instead, and she might not have ended up this way.

Lucian continued holding onto her hand gently and carefully. His voice was deep and soothing as he said, “Nothing matters as long as you’re fine and
well. This isn’t your fault. In fact, it’s mine.” It’s his fault?

Roxanne was confused. She did not know why Lucian would say that. Did something else happen while I was unconscious?

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