Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1691

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1691 – Is This Antidote Real “That’s not it! You’ve misunderstood!” Elektra hurriedly said.

Madilyn smiled wryly at her. “Jack would never hand over the antidote if you didn’t do it. It’s fine. I won’t blame you. It’s the only way to save Roxanne.

I merely feel sorry for her.” y best friend was first poisoned and subjected to physical agony, but when she wakes up, she has to face the pain of losing her lover…

When Elektra noticed how unhappy the doctor was, she anxiously wanted to explain but was unsure whether she could, so she could only look at Lucian to seek his opinion.

Directly taking over the conversation, Lucian stated in a low voice, “This is merely a trick we pulled on Jack. It’s all fake. This is Elektra Lane, a childhood friend of mine.

She went abroad with her family to build their business for a few years and just returned to the country two days ago. I merely asked her to assist me in
playing a part.”

Elektra nodded in agreement. However, Madilyn had a hard time processing what he said. “What do you mean? Fake? But isn’t this a marriage certificate?”

ow con it be fake when even the marriage certificate is completed? Elektra could not help but chuckle. “This isn’t a legitimate document.”

After saying that, she tore up the marriage certificate right in front of Madilyn. Madilyn was stunned by what she did, but as she watched the marriage certificate being ripped to shreds, she slowly started to believe it.

She cast her a grateful look. “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, Roxanne might’ve…” “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a fake marriage, and I have nothing to lose.

All is good as long as she can wake up,” Elektra replied with a grin.After learning that the two had a fake marriage, Madilyn felt more at ease.

All that remained was worrying about when Roxanne would wake up. Time ticked by. The three of them grew increasingly worried when they realized that more than two hours had passed.

“Why is she still unconscious?” Lucian could not help but turn and question Madilyn. After all, she had the most experience as the sole doctor in the room. Madilyn also looked slightly confounded, and when she spoke, she sounded a little hesitant. “I… don’t know either.”

A swell of anger and uneasiness gradually rose within Lucian. “Is this antidote real? How can you be sure?” If that despicable Jack wonts to see me in a wretched state and gave me o foke antidote…

He was livid when he thought of that possibility. He wanted nothing more than to drag Jack before of him immediately and get clear answers.

Seeing his irate expression, Madilyn frowned and replied, “I don’t think it’s fake. As you witnessed just now, Roxanne’s symptoms did subside after she consumed the antidote. It probably only takes some time for the antidote to take full effect. Let’s wait a little longer.”

Elektra also chimed in, “Judging by Jack’s expression as he retrieved the antidote just now, it doesn’t seem to be a fake.”Especially the intense res

pones he gave when Lucian questioned him. Despite not knowing whatever happened between them, Elektra understood that if Jack truly needed
Roxanne in the future, he probably would not harm her.

ucian could only suppress his inner rage after hearing their words. Zayne brought food to the three of them right on time.

However, they were not in the mood to eat and continued to wait anxiously.

Elektra could not help but feel a little strange as she stared at the person lying on the hospital bed.

It was her first time meeting Roxanne, who was still unconscious and had never said a word to her.

Yet, she somehow felt the same way as Madilyn as if the person lying on the hospital bed was her friend.

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