Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1690

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1690 – I Am Just Here To Help Only after Roxanne had swallowed the remaining antidote did Lucian finally let go of her. Everyone also heaved a sigh of relief.

It was apparent that the antidote had lessened Roxanne’s suffering, though her brows remained slightlyfurrowed.

Madilyn’s tone also softened significantly. “The antidote is taking effect.” After saying that, she raised her head and glanced at the specialists on the other side. “Thank you, everyone. You can all go and get some rest. I’ll handle it from here.”

The specialists, who had indeed been working nonstop for several days, excused themselves and turned to leave after hearing what she said.

Only Roxanne, Madilyn, and Lucian were left in the ward in the end.The situation earlier was so chaotic that Elektra stayed at the doorway, not daring to go closer.

Now that Roxanne’s condition had stabilized and everyone had left, she slowly made her way over to the bed and stopped, curiously staring at the person lying there.

The woman on the bed had an exquisite face. Even though she was unconscious and ghastly pale, she gave off a comfortable and pleasant feeling to anyone that looked at her.

Even Elektra, who was meeting Roxanne for the first time, could not help but feel awful for her after seeing her and remembering what she had been through earlier.

She was even more shocked to see Lucian feeding Roxanne the antidote without a care for his safety.

I can’t believe he can love someone to such an extent.At the same time, she also fully understood why Aubree had failed fter waiting for six years.

In the face of such love, she has no chance of winning at all. After glancing at Roxanne, who was still unconscious, and then at Lucian, who could not conceal his worry at her side, Elektra came to terms with it.

Initially, the Lane family was considering a marriage arrangement with the Farwell family. However, she now no longer had such thoughts.

All she could do was withdraw into the role of Lucian’s close friend and help him when he needed it.

“The antidote may not kick in so quickly,” Madilyn explained softly. After saying that, she shifted her gaze to Elektra.

“I didn’t have time earlier, so now I’d like to ask, what’s going on between you two?” Madilyn refused to believe that Lucian would marry another woman so easily after seeing everything he had done for her best friend earlier.

Moreover, Elektra had shown little reaction when Lucian fed the antidote to Roxanne just now. At most, she had only seemed a little shocked.

But if they aren’t married, how could Jack give them the antidote? Madilyn was filled with confusion.

Elektra met her gaze and explained softly, “Don’t worry. I’m not your enemy. I’m just here to help.” Her words made Madilyn even more confused.

As she turned her head to ask Lucian, she suddenly caught sight of the edge of a document peeking out of Elektra’s bag from the corner of her eye.

“What… is this?” Her heart constricted as she stared intently at the bag. Elektra followed her gaze, and when she spotted the edge of the marriage certificate, an apologetic and regretful look flashed across her eyes.

She glanced at Lucian to seek his opinion. Only after getting a nod from him did she take out the marriage certificate.

“This is—” “A marriage certificate?” Madilyn interrupted her in disbelief. She stared at the person before her and then at Lucian. “You two… did get married? No wonder Jack handed the antidote over…”

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