Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1689

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1689 – A Risk I Have To Take Madilyn’s voice trembled a little.

“The poison is acting up again, and this time, more violently than before.” Lucian tightened his grip when he heard what she said.

“Why is this happening?” He had witnessed it himself when the poison flared up previously. Madilyn is now saying that this time is worse than the last!

The person in his arms seemed to be in extreme pain. Despite being in his embrace, she was still shivering, her face ghastly white.

“Roxanne…” Lucian’s voice grew strained, and there was a trace of imperceptible panic in his eyes. I’ve already brought the antidote over.

Why is this still happening? “What should we do now? Is the antidote useless?” He lifted his gaze to stare at the group of specialists by the hospital bed.

The specialists exchanged glances. After some time, Madilyn uttered through gritted teeth, “This is supposed to be the time when the poison flares up, and it’s already the third day.”

Midnight. Jack timed it to the second. If I wait until morning, I’m afraid Roxanne won’t be able to hold on anymore!

That realization caused a wave of fear to wash over Lucian. A steely look flashed across Madilyn’s eyes. “We must get Roxanne to consume the antidote as soon as possible.

he has no choice except to put up with the pain!” She was well aware of the suffering Roxanne was presently experiencing, but there was no other way!

“What must I do?” Apart from cooperating, Lucian did not know what else he could do. He could only hate himself for being helpless.

Madilyn leaned over again and aimed the flask at Roxanne’s mouth. “Hold her down. Don’t let her struggle!”

He responded with a grunt. Then, he gazed at the woman in his arms, who was in pain, and held her limbs in place.

Meanwhile, Madilyn was trying to get Roxanne to drink the antidote. She tried for some time but with no success.

Roxanne had gritted her teeth firmly as she struggled with the excruciating pain, and she reflexively resisted everything that tried to enter her mouth with her tongue.

As there was so little antidote, Madilyn immediately stopped when she saw that her best friend was not cooperating after two attempts.

“What’s the problem?” When Lucian saw her stop what she was doing, yet the antidote in her hand was still unfinished, he grew anxious.

Madilyn’s expression was somber. “Roxanne is rejecting the antidote. I can’t get her to take it.” Lucian’s eyes instantly darkened when he heard that.

“Is there no other way to get the antidote’s effects?” Madilyn shook her head. “The concentration of this antidote is too high to meet the conditions for injection, so it can only be taken orally…”

After saying that, she anxiously glanced at her best friend. / honestly have no idea how to get Roxanne to take the antidote in this circumstance.

Lucian stretched his hand out toward her. “Give it to me!” Madilyn understood what he meant almost immediately, but she frowned and withdrew her hand to avoid his hand that was about to take the antidote.

“We still don’t know the composition of Jack’s antidote. What if it causes damage to our body if we drink it rashly…”

Jack used traditional medicine with unidentified compositions. No one can guarantee that he’s using one poison to combat another.

However, Lucian had already placed Roxanne on the bed and approached Madilyn. “It’s a risk I have to take! Give it to me!”

he demanded in a tone that left no room for argument. Madilyn’s eyes flickered, but she ultimately handed him the antidote after glancing at Roxanne’s anguished expression.

Everyone witnessed Lucian pouring the remaining antidote into his mouth without hesitation before leaning over and drawing Roxanne into his arms.

He forced her to open her mouth by pinching her cheek with his other hand before slowly pressing his lips against hers.

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