Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1688

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1688 – Let Her Take The Antidote Madilyn turned to glance in the direction of the ward while struggling to steady her tearful voice.

“It was just hardening of the blood vessels at first, but the effect of the treatment these few days has been little to none.

Now, several blood spots have appeared…” A look of shock and distress filled his eyes when he heard that. He pulled her hand away and strode into
the ward.

Inside the room, a group of specialists had gathered around Roxanne. They wore expressions of helplessness and pity. “How is she?”

Lucian asked coldly. The specialists bowed their heads, not knowing how to respond. They were afraid of incurring Lucian’s wrath if they told the truth.

Having followed him into the room, Elektra felt a chill run down her spine when she saw the anger on his face.

Nonetheless, she calmly reminded him, “Lucian, hurry up and give Ms. Jarvis the antidote.”

Everyone suddenly took notice of her presence, and their gazes shifted between her and Lucian as they wondered who she was.

Madilyn followed them into the room. She had noticed the woman while they were standing in the corridor but had been far too worried about Roxanne’s condition to ask about her.

However, after hearing the woman address Lucian as though they knew each other very well, she could not help feeling sorry for her best friend.

Madilyn’s eyes flashed with hostility as she asked, “Who are you?” Elektra was taken aback. Knowing that Madilyn had misunderstood, she smiled and replied, “Let’s return to that question later. The most pressing matter now is to let Ms. Jarvis take the antidote.”

Antidote? Madilyn’s expression stiffened, then turned into a look of distress. If Cayden has obtained the antidote, that means he has married another woman. I guess it must be her.

Nonetheless, she knew he had done so to save her best friend’s life, so she could not say anything. All she could do was keep the pain she felt to herself.

“You should do it.” Lucian had walked over without her realizing it and was holding out a clear bottle.

Madilyn raised her hand and took it from him in a daze, her heart welling up with sadness. “Mr. Farwell, are you trying to avoid arousing suspicion?”

Otherwise, why would he entrust such an important task to me? His brows drew together in a slight frown. In a low voice, he replied, “I don’t know much about pharmacology.

Since you’re a doctor, it’d probably be safer if you did it.”After saying that, he turned and strode back to the hospital bed.

For a moment, Madilyn felt at a loss. She turned her head to look at Elektra, then glanced at Roxanne on the hospital bed.

A trace of hesitation flitted across her eyes. When Roxanne wakes up and learns of the news, I wonder how she ‘ll take it.

However, she only hesitated for a split second before quickly walking forward. Roxanne is in no condition to wait while I get the details of what happened. We’ll deal with it after she takes the antidote.

“Mr. Farwell, could you please help to lift her?” She stood next to the bed, assuming a professional attitude.

Little by little, Madilyn poured the antidote into Roxanne’s mouth. She had only gotten halfway through when the latter’s face suddenly turned pale.

Madilyn’s heart sank, and she quickly stopped feeding her friend the antidote with a conflicted look in her eyes.

She appears as though she’s in just as much pain as the other night! The poison is acting up again!

“What’s happening?” Lucian had also noticed the unusual reaction. His panic was almost palpable around him, yet he held Roxanne as gently as ever for fear of accidentally hurting her while she lay unconscious.

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