Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1687

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1687 – If We Delay Any Longer After leaving the Damaris residence, Lucian did not even spare time to send Elektra home and brought her to the hospital instead.

As she sat in the rear passenger seat and observed how worried he looked through the rearview mirror, she could not help sighing inwardly.

So, it turns out that everything Sonya told me previously is true. I can’t believe he’d love someone to this extent.

Her realization of how strong his love was for Roxanne only piqued her curiosity about what sort of woman Roxanne was. Even though he was taking her to the hospital in the middle of the night, she did not utter a single complaint.

It was only after Lucian had sped all the way to the hospital that he realized he had forgotten to send Elektra home.

Things had been so busy over the past few days that he could hardly think straight. He said apologetically, “I’m sorry for troubling you to come with me to get the marriage certificate at such a late hour, then bringing you here to the hospital.

If you don’t mind waiting in the car for a while, I’ll ask my assistant to come over and take you home.”

Elektra chuckled unconcernedly. Lifting her gaze to look toward the hospital, she replied lightly, “No. I want to go in and see the woman ho’s capable of making you care so deeply about her.” Then she turned to Lucian with a smile. “You don’t mind, do you?”

The pair looked at each other for a few seconds. She could see his gaze gradually soften when she mentioned Roxanne, and her curiosity heightened.

“Part of the reason I managed to obtain this bottle of antidote is because of you. In a way, you have a part in saving Roxanne.

She should thank you personally,” he answered in a deep voice. Upon hearing his response, Elektra could not resist saying teasingly, “Really?

Aren’t you afraid she’ll get jealous when she wakes up and sees you with another woman? No woman can bear such a shock, no?”

The mere thought of waking up after being unconscious for three or four days to see the man she loved standing next to a strange woman was too much for Elektra, let alone that it was the reality Roxanne was about to face.

Lucian smiled calmly. “Roxanne isn’t like that, so you don’t have to worry. Since you wish to meet her, you should go in with me.”

fter saying that, he turned and led the way without waiting for her to respond. She was momentarily surprised. Recalling what Lucian had said earlier, she could not suppress her curiosity and hurried after him.

As soon as the pair exited the elevator, they saw Madilyn quietly wiping her tears next to the door of the ward.

She had been tending to Roxanne inside the room and working with the specialists to help Roxanne regain consciousness. But no matter how hard they tried, their efforts had been futile.

In fact, Roxanne’s condition had even worsened! The sky was pitch-black, and it was going to be morning soon. However, they had yet to make any progress.

Unable to bear staying in the ward any longer, she had left the room in despair and gone out to the corridor to compose herself.

However, try as she might, she could not stop her tears from flowing. When she saw Lucian walking out of the elevator, she was stunned for a few seconds. Then she rushed forward anxiously and grabbed his arm. “

How did it go, Mr. Farwell? Have you thought of a way to save Roxanne? There’s no time left! If we delay any longer…”

/ know the only way he can save Roxanne is to comply with Jack’s wishes and marry someone else, but I can’t worry about that anymore!

If we delay any longer, she’ll die! When Lucian noticed her red-rimmed eyes, his gaze dimmed with concern. “What happened?

Did her condition worsen again?” He could not think of another reason that could have caused Madilyn to cry so bitterly.

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