Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1686

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1686 – A Real Marriage Looking at Lucian’s and Elektra’s retreating backs, Jack felt another wave of vexation wash over him.

e furrowed his brows and muttered to himself, “Childhood sweethearts? The Lane family? Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?”

Regarding Lucian’s love for Roxanne, Jack was not at all doubtful about it. After all, he figured that Lucian would not have agreed to his request if that was not the case.

Yet, he thought Elektra’s sudden appearance at this juncture was too much of a coincidence, so much that he could not help but feel suspicious.

After some deliberation, Jack decided to call Kevin over. “Go and find out who exactly Elektra Lane is.” I must find out the truth so that I can feel assured.

That very night, Kevin began his extensive search on Elektra. In less than half an hour, he retrieved some results. “Mr. Damaris, I’ve found it.

As Mr. Farwell said, Elektra is indeed the daughter of the Lane family. The Lane family and the Farwell family are considered family friends.

A few years ago, the Lanes decided to go overseas, and Elektra followed along too. However, there aren’t any clues as to why she’s back recently,”
Kevin conveyed the investigation findings to Jack respectfully.

Despite the lengthy report, Jack did not hear anything related to the marriage. He knitted his brows in dismay. “What about the marriage between the Farwell family and the Lane family? It’s such a big matter.

There’s no way the Lanes didn’t show any response whatsoever!” If I’m right, any family will be eager to announce it to the whole world if their daughter gets to marry Lucian.

How is it possible that there’s no news from the Lane family? Jack was particularly suspicious about that.

Kevin recalled his investigation findings and said cautiously, “I didn’t discover any reaction from the Lanes to the marriage news while I was investigating.

It’s almost as if they didn’t know about the marriage…” Jack narrowed his eyes pensively. “No reaction? Perhaps they’re really clueless about this matter?

” And one possible reason why they’re clueless is that Lucian and Elektra haven’t had time to inform them.

Then again, it’s also possible that… this marriage is merely a ruse! Kevin was stunned to hear those words.

Marriage is such an important matter. How can they not inform their family about it?

Jack stayed silent for a long while, seemingly pondering over something. Frustration engulfed him initially, but that soon transformed into contempt and disdain. “Get someone to continue keeping an eye on the Lanes.”

Even though Kevin did not quite understand Jack’s meaning, he politely nodded regardless and immediately left to execute the order.

With that, Jack was the only one left in the living room. At the thought of Kevin’s findings report, Jack curled the corners of his lips into a cold smile.

How interesting is it that the Lane family doesn’t know about the marriage? Don’t tell me the CEO of Farwell Group actually got driven to the edge of the cliff by me and had to fake his marriage?

Or did Elektra and him agree to a paper marriage? But if that’s the case, I wonder what he did to win over the heiress of the Lane family.

Her family background is so prominent, so why is she willing to be his nominal wife? Or should I say, is Lucian really that charming?

Anyway, none of this matters. Whether or not it’s a real marriage, I’ll find out sooner or later by monitoring the Lane family’s response.

If Lucian dares to deceive me regarding this matter… Jack narrowed his eyes dangerously. That bottle he gave Lucian was indeed the antidote that could save Roxanne.

Nevertheless, it was impossible to entirely remove the toxins in Roxanne’s body based on just that tiny bottle of antidote alone.

The amount in that bottle was only one-fifth of the dosage and was enough to keep Roxanne conscious for some time.

After the antidote effects wear off, if Lucian keeps his promise and leaves Roxanne, I’ll naturally let Roxanne have the remaining dosage.

But if he dares to lie to me, I’ll make sure he has to beg me for help by then!

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