Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1685

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1685 – Where Is The Thing I Want Lucian’s warning had evidently served its purpose.

Faced with Elektra before him, Jack was now much more disciplined than before. Elektra greeted graciously with a smile, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Damaris.

I’ve heard a lot about you.” Jack got up and extended his arm courteously for a handshake. “You’re so beautiful, Ms. Lane.

You sure complement Mr. Farwell so well. Even your family background is similar to his. You two sure are a match made in heaven!

I doubt you’ll invite me to your wedding, so I’ll give you my blessings first!” Then, he shifted his sarcasm- filled eyes to Lucian. “

There’s a good catch close to you, Mr. Farwell. Why do you have to be so obsessed over Ms. Jarvis? There wouldn’t be so many problems if you
had chosen Ms. Lane from the beginning!”

Lucian looked at him coldly. “I’ve brought her here. Where’s the thing I want?” Jack snickered. “Be patient. What I want to see isn’t her.”

An icy glint flashed across the eyes of both men. Lucian pulled out a marriage certificate expressionlessly, and Jack reached out for it.

However, Lucian did not seem to have noticed that and instead walked past Jack and put the marriage certificate on the coffee table.

Jack’s face darkened drastically as his hand was left empty mid-air. Nonetheless, the instant he caught sight of Elektra at the side, he immediately recovered his composure. A hint of contentment crept up his face.

It doesn’t matter what kind of attitude he gives! He has already lost! Jack broke into a smirk. He turned around and strolled to the coffee table to pick up the marriage certificate.

The moment he saw the photo and the official seal on the marriage certificate, he grew even smugger. “Tsk! Just look at this well-taken photo!

Both Mr. and Mrs. Farwell are very photogenic indeed!” Upon saying that, he shook his head regretfully. “Then again, this is a marriage certificate.

Why aren’t the two of you smiling? Those who have no idea what’s going on will probably think that someone forced you two into this marriage!”

The faces of Lucian and Elektra clouded over when they heard Jack use “Mrs. Farwell” in his remarks. Elektra turned to Lucian, thinking that he would do something.

Unexpectedly, Lucian had already kept his temper in check. His face was devoid of expression as he fixed his eyes on Jack. “

Mr. Damaris, isn’t the marriage certificate what you want? Nothing else really matters that much, no? No one else, other than the few of us here, will get to see this thing anyway.”

No matter what kind of blatant provocation Jack made, Lucian was unaffected. Feeling bored, he ultimately returned the marriage certificate to Elektra, who received it and kept it away.

“You’ve seen what you wanted, Mr. Damaris. Now then, it’s time you give me what I want,” Lucian uttered grimly.

Jack turned around unhurriedly, opened the drawer, and took out a small glass bottle. It was a transparent bottle, and in it was a colorless and transparent liquid. At one glance, it looked like a serum—the kind women used in their skincare routine.

“Here.” Jack held the bottle out to Lucian. He was about to flaunt his remarkable medical skills again, but Lucian snatched it away before he could do so.
The crease on Lucian’s brows deepened as he scrutinized the bottle in his grip seriously.

Since he barely had any medical knowledge, there was no way he could tell if the bottle of transparent liquid was the so-called antidote.

“Since you did as I said, Mr. Farwell, rest assured. I’m a man of my word. That is the antidote for Ms. Jarvis. She’ll regain consciousness as long as you feed it to her.” A hint of displeasure surged within Jack, but he quickly suppressed his emotions. “

Ms. Jarvis is my business partner, after all. There’s no reason I’d harm her.” Instead of uttering a response, Lucian shot Jack an unfathomable look before he took Elektra with him and strode off.

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