Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1684

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1684 – Found Someone So Quickly The two of them got into the car right away.

When they were on their way to the City Hall, Elektra was still in utter disbelief. Did I reallyjustsayyes to him? I’m getting married to my childhood sweetheart whom I haven’t seen in years. This is surreal!

ucian noticed she was lost in thoughts, so he asked, “What’s on your mind?” Elektra snapped out of her reverie and smiled nonchalantly. “

Nothing. This feels like a dream. Besides, I didn’t know the Farwell family is so influential that even the working hours for the City Hall can be altered.”

“I just need someone to stamp a seal. Besides, I’m merely asking one of them to help, so it’s not a big deal.” Elektra smiled and went silent.

Half an hour later, they arrived in front of the City Hall on the dot, and both of them went in to receive their marriage certificates.

After exiting the City Hall, Lucian drove slowly toward the Damaris residence. Instead of reacting to the direction they were driving in, Elektra was merely looking at her marriage certificate curiously.

“We’re here,” Lucian said in a deep voice after they arrived at the Damaris residence. Elektra hummed an acknowledgment, passed Lucian her marriage certificate, and watched him stuff it into his pocket. The two then entered the residence.

“Mr. Farwell?” Ever since what had happened the last time, the butler had been traumatized. He didn’t dare to stop Lucian when he saw his arrival.

Fortunately for the butler, Lucian halted in his tracks voluntarily and said, “I’m here to see Mr. Damaris. Let him know I’m here. He’ll want to see me.

Upon hearing that, the butler heaved a sigh of relief inwardly before promptly agreeing.

The butler went inside and reported, “Mr. Damaris, Mr. Farwell is here. H-He brought a woman along…”

Jack had just returned from the hotel, and he still had rage boiling within him. Before Lucian arrived, Jack had been drinking on his own expressionlessly.

When Jack heard the butler, a meaningful look appeared in his eyes. He then ordered the others to keep the alcohol aside before instructing, “Invite them in!”

The butler agreed and went out to welcome the guests. Not long after, Lucian and Elektra appeared before Jack.

Jack sized Elektra up and smiled. “You have good taste in women, Mr. Farwell! You managed to find yourself such an elegant and cultured lady within a short time. You’re indeed incredible, Mr. Farwell.”

The moment Elektra saw Jack, she could feel the dangerous aura Jack was exuding. Slightly terrified, she stood behind Lucian warily.

Jack let out a cold snort when he saw how Elektra was acting. “Mr. Farwell, have you been secretively hanging out with the candidates Mdm.

Songsler lined up for you while Ms. Jarvis was awake? Otherwise, how could you have found someone so quickly? Could it be that this lady here is eager to marry into the Farwell family?”

Lucian’s expression turned solemn. “You’re free to insult me, Mr. Damaris, but don’t insult the person next to me.”

He took a step back and introduced Elektra to Jack. “This is Elektra Lane, and we grew up together.

The Lanes went overseas a few years ago, and Elektra followed her family there. She only returned to the country a couple of days ago.

You’re right. She’s an elegant and cultured lady, so I think you should choose your words wisely, Mr. Damaris.”

Not only did Lucian introduce Elektra to Jack, but Lucian was also warning him. The Farwell family had a good relationship with the Lane family.

Having spent a few years overseas, the Lane family had become a force to be reckoned with.

Although the Farwell family couldn’t do much if Jack were to treat Elektra poorly, the Lane family would definitely have a go at Jack.

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