Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1683

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1683 – Does Essie Know Elektra didn’t know how to respond, as Lucian seemed adamant about getting married.

At that moment, Sonya was leaving the kitchen after preparing the coffee. When she heard what Lucian said, she couldn’t help but be astounded.

/ thought Lucian said those words in a fit of rage. That’s why I thought he would change his mind the moment he saw Elektra.

However, he’s actually doing it! Furthermore, he’s being so straightforward! “Lucian, are you facing some difficulties?

Otherwise, why would you suddenly ask me to marry you?” Elektra regained her senses, and a guess slowly surfaced in her mind.

Something must’ve happened, and Lucian is forced to do this. What could it be? Sonya halted in her tracks when she heard Elektra’s question.

She also threw Lucian a confused glance. I’ve been asking him that question, and I couldn’t get an answer out of him. Now, even Elektra thinks something has happened. That has to be the case, then! Will he tell Elektra the truth?

Sonya waited by the entrance of the kitchen. She had thought she could eavesdrop on their conversation. To her surprise, Lucian suddenly turned
toward her and met her gaze.

Sonya froze momentarily before coming back to her senses and serving them the drinks nonchalantly. “I made coffee for you guys.

Have some while you guys talk.” Then she sat down next to them. “Please give us some privacy. I need to speak privately with Ms. Lane,” Lucian uttered in a deep voice.

As soon as those words fell, Sonya froze, and her expression stiffened. “What do you want to talk to her about? Why must you hide it from me?”

Naturally, Sonya was displeased. However, Lucian wasn’t keen on explaining himself. For a moment, the atmosphere in the room became tense.

Feeling the tension, Elektra quickly said, “Mrs. Farwell, I suddenly feel like eating the finger food you make. Would you mind making some for me?”

Only then did Sonya give in and say, “Carry on, then. I’ll make some finger food for you.” After saying that, Sonya went back to the kitchen reluctantly.

Lucian and Elektra continued talking after Sonya left. While Sonya was making finger food in the kitchen, she tried her best to listen in on their conversation, but to no avail.

Half an hour later, Sonya couldn’t take it anymore. She stopped what she was doing and wanted to check on them.

Unexpectedly, she saw them standing up and seemingly leaving the moment she left the kitchen.“ What’s the matter?”

Sonya looked at them in confusion. “Mrs. Farwell, I’m sorry, but I’m in a rush. I won’t be able to eat those finger food today.

Please save some for me, and I’ll come again another day.” Elektra smiled. In a rush? Sonya threw Lucian a suspicious look.

Upon meeting her gaze, Lucian said flatly, “I’m bringing her to the City Hall to collect our marriage certificates. I’ve already contacted the City Hall, and they told me they would wait half an hour for us.”

He turned to look at Elektra, signaling for her to pick up the pace. No one knew what they had talked about, but Elektra had a natural expression on her face. In fact, she even picked up her purse cooperatively and rushed toward Lucian.

Just like that, they walked toward the door, one after another. Sonya was undeniably happy to see his son fulfilling her wishes by marrying another woman. However, she could not help but find it weird.

“Why are you in such a rush? Does Essie know about this?” Sonya chased after Lucian. Without turning back, Lucian answered, “I’ll tell her after I collect the marriage certificate.”

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