Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1682

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1682 – Marriage Certificate Lucian and Sonya sat in the living room and waited for Elektra.

Neither of them uttered a word to the other. E After some time, they heard noises coming from the door.

Sonya glanced at Lucian before standing up to greet the guest. “Mrs. Farwell,” the guest greeted.

An elegant woman was seen walking in through the main entrance. Not only did the woman have a nice smile, but she also had a gentle voice.

In fact, she seemed like a cultured and educated girl. In a dark green dress, Elektra was holding a white purse in one hand and Sonya’s arm affectionately in the other.

Ever since she returned to the country, she had met up with Sonya a few times, so they were close.

Obviously, Sonya liked Elektra and thought Elektra would make a perfect daughter-in-law. “I’m so sorry for asking to see you at such an odd time.

Have you had your dinner?” Sonya asked with a smile. Elektra returned with a smile of her own and replied, “It’s all right. I’m on a diet.

I don’t eat at night.” The two of them entered the living room. When Lucian heard them approaching, he rose to his feet and greeted the guest gentlemanly. “

It’s been a while, Lucian. You look so mature now.” Admiration flashed across Elektra’s eyes when she saw Lucian.

They had parted when they were both still teenagers. Over the years, Elektra had seen Lucian on the television frequently, and she knew he had changed a lot.

However, only when she saw him in person did she realize how much he had changed. Lucian politely reached out to shake her hand.

“Indeed, it’s been a while. You look prettier now.” Elektra smiled sheepishly in response. Sonya had forgotten all about her bafflement from earlier on when she saw the two of them interacting harmoniously.

With a smile, she said, “You guys talk, okay? I’ll make some coffee.” She turned around and left to give them some privacy. Elektra sat down on the couch next to Lucian and sized him up.

She had been spending time with Sonya over the past couple of days, so she had heard quite a bit about what was going on between Lucian and Roxanne.

Now that I see him, it’s really hard to imagine him doing those things for a woman. Besides, why is he seeing me?

Is he not worried about Ms. Jarvis misunderstanding the situation? At that moment, Elektra’s gaze was filled with puzzlement. “

Do you have a boyfriend or someone you’re into?” Lucian asked straightforwardly.

Elektra was dumbfounded when she heard the question, and she cast him a confused glance. Isn’t that a private question?

Why is Lucian asking me that the minute he sees me? Upon seeing the earnest expression on Lucian’s face, Elektra instinctively became serious as well.

“N-No… What’s up?” “What do you think about me? If you don’t mind, we can get our marriage certificates right away.”

Elektra got even more confused. What’s happening? We’ve only met each other, and he’s already asking me to marry him.

If I remember correctly, Sonya told me Lucian is in love with someone. If that’s the case, why is he doing this? Besides, where are we supposed to go to get our marriage certificates at night?

“L-Lucian, have you been drinking? Do you know what you’re talking about?” she asked. With a straight face, Lucian answered, “I haven’t been drinking.”

Elektra could not wrap her head around it when she heard his answer. In a deep voice, Lucian said, “That’s the reason I asked to see you. You can give it some thought whether you want to marry me or not.”

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