Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1681

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1681 – Your Own Decision Lucian’s gaze darkened slightly when Elias mentioned Roxanne.

However, he concealed it and recomposed himself before his parents noticed it. “I’ll ask Essie first. But if she wants to be with her mother, I won’t stop her.”

Lucian only mentioned his arrangement for Estella and said nothing about Roxanne.

Sonya felt even more incredulous when she heard that Lucian had even thought about whether he was going to keep Estella or let her go-

“What’s with you today, Lucian? Are you feeling sick? Do you have a fever?” Sonya asked. Although I’ve never liked Roxanne, I know Luian is obsessed with her.

In fact, no one knows that better than me! I was prepared for a long battle. Why is he giving up so easily? Could this be a trick or something?

Lucian looked at her with a plain expression and asked in a deep voice, “Haven’t you been wishing to see me marry another woman?

Why are you reacting this way now that I’m giving in?” Sonya was rendered speechless. Nonetheless, she still felt something was amiss, so she shot Elias a glance.

Elias looked at Lucian concernedly and asked, “Did something happen? Did you have a fight with Roxanne?”

That was what Elias had in mind because he couldn’t think of another reason for his son’s behavior.

Lucian didn’t comment on that. Instead, he urged Sonya, “I don’t have her contact, so please help me contact her and ask her to come over.

Or maybe I can go over to look for her.” Sonya’s eyes were filled with confusion.

“I’m only saying this tonight. After tonight, I might change my mind.” Lucian turned to meet Sonya’s gaze.

Sonya was still hesitating. It’s true. I’ve always wanted him to marry someone else. However… something is definitely wrong with Lucian tonight.

“What happened, Lucian? Tell us. Even if I can’t help you, maybe your dad can!” Sonya asked patiently because she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Lucian’s patience was running thin. He instantly put down his fork and said, “Since you’re not going to help, I’ll do it myself.”

Sonya grew anxious when she saw him walking toward the door. She quickly agreed to it and said, “All right! I’ll call Elektra and ask her to come over!”

With that, she whipped out her phone to ring Elektra. The call got through after just a few rings.

With a scowl on her face, Sonya asked, “Are you free now, Elektra? You’ve been wanting to see Lucian ever since you came back, right?

He’s here with me now. Would you like to come over?” That was the first time Sonya had asked to meet someone during dinnertime.

Fortunately for Sonya, Elektra didn’t mind one bit. In fact, Elektra was elated when she heard she could see Lucian.

Needless to say, she agreed o go over. Upon hanging up the phone, Sonya looked at Lucian helplessly and said, “Elektra said she’s coming over.

Sit down and have some food.” After saying that, she sighed worriedly. What exactly happened? Why did Lucian change so suddenly?

Lucian kept mum and sat in the same spot as before. Sonya glanced at Lucian before shooting Elias a look.

She knew Lucian wouldn’t listen to whatever she had to say, so she hoped that Elias could get some answers out of Lucian.

To her dismay, Elias merely stared at Lucian with a grim expression and rose to his feet.

“It’s your decision, so I’m not going to intervene, but you have to be responsible for your own decision.” With that, he turned around and went upstairs.

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