Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1680

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1680 – Marry Him As Soon As Possible At seven that evening, Lucian’s car rolled to a stop before the Farwell main residence.

The house was brightly lit. Lucian sat in the car for a few minutes before eventually stepping out, his footsteps echoing loudly off the pavement.

He walked from the gate to the door of the main building. On the way, he didn’t forget to recompose himself.

“Mr. Lucian.” The butler came out to greet him. “Mr. and Mrs. Farwell are having dinner inside.” Lucian nodded and headed into the mansion with him.

Inside, he saw Sonya and Elias sitting at the dining table. Sonya and Elias appeared to be discussing something, with Sonya seemingly unhappy and Elias seemingly powerless to do anything.

Upon spotting Lucian, Elias asked, “What brings you here? Have you had anything to eat? If not, want to join us?”

Lucian nodded and settled in the seat across from Sonya. Sonya parted her lips and said, “You came at the right time.

Your dad and I were talking about Elektra. You remember her, right? She’s from the Lane family and grew up with you.”

Lucian belatedly remembered such a person existed after hearing his mother’s words.

They had indeed grown up together, but the Lane family had gone overseas a few years ago. “

lektra came back a few days ago and was telling us she wanted to meet you but didn’t know when you would be free,” Sonya continued.

“I think she’s a great match for you and would be a lot better than Roxanne. She’s kind and gentle, so you won’t have to worry about her causing trouble like Aubree!”

She had been trying to explain her view to Elias, but he held fast to his own thought and thought her to be wrong. That was why the atmosphere seemed tense earlier.

Elias thought she shouldn’t be saying that and interjected, “Stop interfering in Lucian’s relationship. It has been years since they last met, so Elektra might not think that way!”

Sonya huffed in displeasure. “Lucian is a capable man! Even if Elektra doesn’t have feelings for him now, if hey spend more time together, her feelings for him may develop and grow over time! How can you be sure she doesn’t love him?”

They started arguing again and completely forgot about Lucian. “You can talk to her,” Lucian suddenly said. Silence fell after he said those words.

Both Sonya and Elias gazed at him in disbelief. “What did you just say?” Elias was the first to regain his composure. He frowned as he put his fork down.

Lucian reiterated, “Since you both think she’s nice, you can approach her. I have no objections if she’s interested in becoming my wife.”

The reason he came to Sonya was that Aubree was the only woman he had been in contact with over the years.

Despite agreeing with Jack’s condition to marry another woman, he couldn’t find any suitable candidate. He had to seek his mother’s help.

She had never liked Roxanne and would definitely look around for other suitable women. Be it Elektra or another woman, he didn’t mind, for they weren’t Roxanne.

AU he needed was a woman who would marry him as soon as possible. Sonya and Elias shared a look before giving Lucian a pointed one.

They refused to believe that he would suddenly change his mind. “So, you want to marry Elektra now? But what about Roxanne?

I thought you were adamant about marrying her a while ago. And what about Essie?” Elias asked sternly.

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