Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1679

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1679 – High And Mighty After Jack explained about the drug he developed, he asked cheerily, “So, Mr. Farwell?

Have you considered my third condition?” Despite his initial shock, Lucian regained his composure and met Jack’s gaze calmly. “You have my word.”

Jack was still unsatisfied. “Just that? What about proof? Without proof, how can I be sure that you are not lying to me?

I trust your character, but I went through a lot of effort to create the antidote. I don’t want to get tricked.” Lucian furrowed his brows.

“What kind of proof do you need?” Jack arched a brow and said readily, “A marriage certificate, of course. It’s too late now.

The City Hall should be closed. If you announce to the public that you’re marrying someone else, I’ll take that, too.”

With that, he shot Lucian a provoking look. Jack knew precisely which condition was most unacceptable to Lucian, so he was eager to observe Lucian’s distress after he brought up the condition again.

/ will certainly relish the sight of the high and mighty CEO of Farwell Group suffering before me! “All right.” Lucian nodded calmly.

Jack frowned as surprise and displeasure flitted across his gaze. “What did you just say?” He did not expect Lucian’s reaction and was thoroughly disappointed.

This is the moment I’ve been eagerly anticipating. How could Lucian be this calm? Why isn’t he hesitating or experiencing any reservations about having to leave Roxanne? How could he say yes so easily?

A mocking grin played on Lucian’s lips. “I’ve already considered the three conditions carefully and made up my mind before asking to meet you.

However, it was a careless mistake on my part, as I didn’t get the proof ready for you. I’ll leave to take care of it right away.” He then got up to leave.

He didn’t show any signs of begging for mercy and portrayed an air of superiority as if he had complete command of the situation.

Jack’s face contorted in fury as he watched Lucian leave. “Fck! Fckhim!” A long while later, he rose to his feet and, in a fit of rage, sent all the items on the table crashing to the floor with a powerful sweep of his arm.

The glass shattered into hundreds of tiny shards as it hit the ground with an almighty crash. Outside, the server heard the commotion.

oncerned that some sort of accident might have occurred, he rushed in to investigate. However, he was met with an enraged Jack.

Who allowed you to come in? Get out!” The server trembled in fear and nodded profusely before leaving Jack alone.

Another ruckus sounded in the room. Jack would flip the table over if he could. Lucian had to ask for my help. Who does he think he is?

How could he act all arrogant? After losing the ten subsidiaries, Farwell Group is likely to suffer a steep decline that would soon bring him down to the some level as the Damaris family.

Despite this, he had the nerve to come to me with such confidence! Jack returned to his seat, his face flushed with anger.

His fury only subsided when he remembere d that Lucian was about to marry someone else soon. So what if Lucian acts all high and mighty?

He’ll have to listen to me in the end. After he marries someone else, there will be no going back. I’ll figure out a way to win Roxanne’s heart and trample Lucian beneath my feet!

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