Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1678

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1678 – Expert At six in the evening, they met at the restaurant.

Lucian did not have the patience to wait, so he immediately headed there after ending the call. When Jack arrived, the table in front of him was bare except for a single glass of water.

It was obvious that Lucian had used the same reason to stop the server from serving them the dishes.

Jack was inwardly displeased, and his smile was cold. “I’m pleasantly surprised that you were willing to wait for me, Mr. Farwell” Jack strode across the room and took his seat two chairs away from Lucian.

“You should’ve let me know if you dislike the food here.” Lucian glanced at Jack as though he had just realized the latter was around.

“It’s not that. I don’t think it’s necessary to eat here, that’s all.” With that, he went straight to the topic. “I’ve prepared the property transfer agreement for the ten companies.

Once you have signed the agreement, you will take possession of the companies. As for the research institute, I have signed the indemnity contract to officially terminate our collaboration. This contract is also included inside.”

He retrieved a file and pushed it to Jack coolly. Jack was surprised to see the file, but it wasn’t long before his expression changed to one of smug

Turns out it’s pretty satisfying to see Lucian give in to me! To have the opportunity to get the better of Lucian and make him plead for my help is something that doesn’t come around often. I must make the most of it.

He flashed a smirk and pushed the file aside without seeing what was inside. “If you had known it would come to this, why would you reject me two days ago?” Jack asked.

Didn’t you say you’d exhaust your wealth and resources to save Ms. Jarvis? How is she doing now?” Something glinted across Lucian’s eyes when Roxanne was mentioned, but he quickly calmed down. “

No matter what, I believe she’ll regain consciousness tomorrow as long as you give me the antidote as promised, Mr. Damaris.”

A smile nudged Jack’s lips as he said slowly, “Don’t worry. There’s no need to rush. I believe you still haven’t fulfilled all of my conditions.

Once everything is done, I’ll deliver the antidote to you.” Lucian’s gaze swept over him. The expression on Jack’s face was one of haughty confidence and conceit.

He looks certain that I have no choice but to ask for his help. Lucian had been mentally preparing himself to accept his condition before he arrived at this location.

However, upon his arrival, he found himself unable to say so. “I heard that you had hired many experienced doctors to diagnose Ms. Jarvis.

It looks like she’s still unconscious now. It seems that those foolish doctors have yet to determine how my drug functions, huh?

It’s no surprise that the medical industry is in such a state. Anyone can call themselves an expert as long as they have worked in the field for a long period of time.” Realizing he had gone off-topic, Jack snorted.

“Don’t worry. Even if they managed to find the root of the problem, that doesn’t mean they can find a solution. I had to peruse the ancient medicine books of the Damaris family extensively before I could develop this drug!”

Comprehension dawned on Lucian. No wonder Old Mr. Lomax couldn’t locate the antidote despite his extensive study of medical books, as it was
revealed that the solution lies solely within the ancient medicine books of the Damaris family.

It is not surprising that this information was not documented in other sources.

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