Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1677

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1677 – Business Genius The phone rang for almost one minute before Jack answered the call.

“Who is this?” Jack’s voice was dripping with arrogance and disdain. Lucian responded calmly, “It’s me, Lucian.”

“Oh, it’s you,” Jack drawled in exaggeration as though he had just realized who it was. “Mr. Farwell, hello. I thought it was someone else who was rude enough to interrupt me while I was busy working.”

He was saying that Lucian was rude enough to interrupt him at work. Lucian pretended to be oblivious to Jack’s mockery and replied calmly, “It looks like I picked the wrong time to call.

Mr. Damaris, if you’re occupied, then you can call me back when you’re free.” He fell silent after saying that but didn’t end the call.

On the other end of the phone, Jack grew flustered when he heard Lucian indicating that he wanted to end the conversation. “Wait a minute!”

Lucian arched a brow, for Jack’s reaction was within his anticipation. “No matter how busy my schedule may be, I need to make time for you since you took the initiative to call me, Mr. Farwell,” Jack sneered.

“How can I help you? If my memory serves me correctly, it isn’t time yet as we agreed upon three days.” Lucian was unperturbed.

“As long as I’m willing to give in, any day works. I believe you never wanted anything to happen to Roxanne, do you?”

Most of Jack’s requests involved Roxanne, so if anything were to happen to her, even if Jack got the research institute for himself, he would never be able to realize its maximum potential.

Hearing that, Jack grew increasingly smug. “You’re right, Mr. Farwell. That was what I thought, too.”

Lucian ignored his arrogance and said, “Since we have reached an agreement, are you free tonight? Let’s talk in person. Remember to bring the antidote along, Mr. Damaris.”

Jack chuckled. “Of course. I would be delighted to meet with you, Mr. Farwell, at any time that is convenient for you.”

They agreed on the time and location before hanging up. Jack was brimming with conceit as he sat in his chair in the office. “Business genius, huh?

He is no matchfor me!” Having overheard their exchange, Kevin felt a chill go down his spine.

I am astounded that Mr. Damaris had such a callous disregard for human life that he would resort to using a person’s life to threaten Mr. Farwell.

It is even more distressing that Mr. Farwell proved to be so pliable as to give in to the threat.

“I heard Lucian had brought in specialists from all around the world in an attempt to treat Roxanne, but despite his best efforts, he still required my assistance,” Jack said with disdain.

“Didn’t I tell him that I’m the only one who has the power to save her since it was me who poisoned her in the first place?”

He then glared at Kevin. “What are you doing? Hurry, reserve a table at the restaurant!” Kevin snapped out of his reverie and nodded readily.

“Got it. Mr. Damaris, I’ll go handle it right away!” He spun on his heels and fled the office.

Kevin closed the door firmly behind him, shutting out the chill of the room and the oppressive atmosphere he had just been subjected to.

Taking a deep breath, he allowed himself a moment to relax and gather his composure before leaving to carry out Jack’s orders.

After Jack sent Hector away, chaos ensued within Damaris Group. In an effort to regain control, Jack resorted to the use of extreme and forceful methods to restore order within the organization.

Jack took decisive action against those who went against him. Others might have been unhappy with his decisions, but they kept their objections to themselves, not wanting to risk incurring his wrath.

Because of that, Jack started doing as he wished in Damaris Group. It was only five in the afternoon. He was supposed to attend a meeting in the evening, but he decided to leave the company. He took the antidote with him and strolled out leisurely.

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