Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1676

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1676 – Giving Up On Himself They both waited hopefully until the afternoon.

Time ticked away, and it was soon three in the afternoon. Alas, no one could figure out a way to save Roxanne.

Madilyn felt a wave of anxiety wash over her, and she felt completely lost. Her gaze kept shifting to Lucian. She wanted to ask him what they should do.

Lucian remained unfazed. His face was as cold as ice. Seeing his reaction, Madilyn blurted out, “Mr. Farwell, are we still going to wait?

Should we call Old Mr. Lomax?” Lucian met her gaze and said firmly, “I need to leave. Take care of Roxanne. I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

Madilyn asked anxiously, “Where are you going at this hour?” Lucian’s gaze landed on Roxanne, who was lying in bed silently.

A flash of determination appeared in his eyes and disappeared. “I’m going to Jack” Madilyn gaped incredulously. “What? Are you seriously going to…”

She trailed off and clenched her jaw. Despite her strong desire to reach out and grab his sleeve to prevent him from leaving, she didn’t dare do so, as he seemed really intimidating. She merely gave him a look of disapproval.

“There is still time. Let’s wait instead of giving in to Jack now!” Lucian paid no heed to her and turned to leave. “I can’t wait anymore.

It’s too risky, and I can’t breathe thought of putting Roxanne’s life in danger.” Madilyn parted her lips, but she couldn’t say anything to stop him from leaving.

After all, she knew she would do the same if she were in his shoes. They couldn’t afford to risk Roxanne’s life.

Lucian strode out of the ward, his face expressionless. He walked through the corridor, passing by a group of specialists.

Everyone couldn’t help but wonder what was going on after seeing him. “Is Mr. Farwell going to give up on Dr. Jarvis? Dr. Jarvis’ condition is deteriorating, but he doesn’t seem anxious at all.”

“I don’t think so. We saw how distressed he has been in the past few days. He even invited Old Mr. Lomax here. Why would he give up suddenly?”

As the elevator doors slid shut, everyone else raised their voices, eager to discuss the possibilities.

Hearing the commotion, Madilyn marched out of the ward and gave them a pointed look. “Everyone, if you’re free, then I suggest getting back to work trying to figure out how to treat Roxanne instead of wasting time gossiping here!”

No one knew better than her that Lucian had never thought about giving up on Roxanne. He was actually giving up on himself.

The specialists were determined to treat Roxanne but couldn’t help gossiping when they noticed Lucian leaving.

It was normal for Madilyn to lash out at them, and they understood her feelings well. They got back to work instantly.

Madilyn glanced at the elevator, which had finally reached the parking lot level. She then turned to look at her best friend, who was oblivious to everything. The agony that flickered across her face revealed the inner turmoil she was experiencing.

In the parking lot, Lucian sat in his car for a long time without revving up the engine. He had assumed he could accept the reality as long as Roxanne could survive.

Even though he was on the verge of losing her, Lucian still could not rid himself of his own selfish desires.

Is accepting Jack’s conditions the only way out? Lucian waited in the car for almost half an hour, but there was no update.

Finally, he pulled out his phone to call Jack.

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